Deep Point of View – an Author’s Perspective


Hanging out with (Virtually) all you awesome folk who write, want to write, are not writers but are skilled beta (or alpha! If so, you have my deepest condolences for reading thypos and gramm..grammer..grammor…errors. But a big thank you for enduring such written horrors to see past them into the story.) readers.

Today I have run across using deep first or third person points of view.  In studying the Deep POV, this is something I have used without knowing the label of it, I just felt it was something that was my quirk and have strove to go back to the older style.

This morning, in a chat with an author, she explained the Deep POV should be used.

The complaint stemmed from her swapping tenses in the same paragraph. Meh, I do that too, that is where the glory of being a Beta Reader shines. (Alpha reader should be the writer, no? Or the adult children, mother, uncle, brother, someone who it won’t be TOO embarrassing to know you write after taking a hit off their bong)

The thoughts of using a Deep point of view, where you get rid of the “He said” “She Thought” “They saw” sort of leading you to know what goes on in the heads of our protagonist or antagonist… or even the odd tangent character that you might write about that has no bearing on the story and goes away within a few paragraphs.

Like the lead-in person that dies while opening Dracula’s coffin in the archeology dig when no one is looking.

So to use the fancy link skills. I looked this up quick like.

For you writers, beta readers, other awesome blossoms that dream of writing. Write me something!

The Deep POV is a strong and useful tool that has evolved in the last few decades, so I will include the link.  It is a good read.

The way I look at it, as writers we strive to make a better, more passionate soul for our characters.



One thought on “Deep Point of View – an Author’s Perspective

  1. I can tell that I was distracted (several times), as a family we (the McCallen’s and the Milesians and the entire extended clan) are pulling together to do research of Multiple Myeloma treatment centers for Mama Dash. My perspective nearly went off the tracks and I nearly lost my point.

    But I will keep writing. Like so many uber-skilled writers that life distracts, but I will keep at it. One way? Look me up on Kindle? (shameless plug)

    I won’t let those writers of you fade if I can help it. I won’t let you go or get so down to stop writing, I will keep you working on the Deep POV without giving up. How many JK Rowlings, Stephen (or Tabitha) Kings et al, are out there but are busy juggling careers that are not the first choice with family, with school, with commitments that keep them away from the keyboard and releasing their souls to fly that we would love to follow and be a part of their storytelling.

    A Deep POV is something I tried to speak on and got lost in. In my perspective, let’s talk! How does Rebecca Silence Bowyer in the fictional story, love Stell. T. Harcher? (Names I *Just* made up by looking at my longbow, don’t look for them in any of my works)

    In my view, it is not a fad to get into the heart and soul of the character. What do they feel? even my little car, in the novella “Digital Heart”, well, it has a heart.

    Even if it is electronic.

    So I will endeavor to polish my deep points of view. Even if it takes an industrial diamond gravel polish of your opinions. And do not be afraid to say “Blech, you can do better!” Or “Expand on this!” (I have had some say that very thing. Including Papa Dash in reference to Digital Heart)

    I might pout, but I have learned, if I get defensive? (not to say I won’t again, I just realize it afterwards) I have failed in the story and will re-write it. 😀

    Anyway. thank you for your time to read my babble. This is more inline of the perspective I wanted to bring up, even if still unfocused.

    Your favorite Up and Coming author.



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