Days I lose hope in humankind.


Summer is here, the torrid heat has arrived and among other things, I need a shade to protect the family from the heat creeping through the windows.

So I am off to the hardware store to get a cloth.  I’m not above making my own, but I need the raw materials. To this end, I went to the supply store and was going down the line.

When I arrive and look at the rolls of material, each one a different color, some black, some dark green, others a sandy color. There is another gentleman there with a sales person who is explaining about the advantages of each.  The customer describes the corner of his house that he wants shaded, the measurements and the anchor areas.

I was eavesdropping and learning, too. Take full advantage of the information and all.  Y’know?

Then this exchange happened and I just left.  Unable to grasp how we got to this point in our evolution.

“You need a right angle shade, right here in this package.”

“But, the house angle there is a left angle, not a right.”

I am worried about the human race.

Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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