Tatters and bits of a (once smooth) day.


Starting in the morning, Mrs Dash left the payment book so I might get to the motor-vehicles and register the car. Not quite the last minute, we had six days left.

On the way back, stopped by the computer store and picked up a USB cable and memory steick.  Princess #1’s computer is acting flakey and with some diagnostics- I initially thought the motherboard was doing the death dance, I figured out it was the hard drive.

Cool!  Even easier to change.

So, lessee… Windows 7 to back up and find the ISO image.  No problem. I got this.

I got what?

No image in the computer.  Drive dies …and dies… and dies.  I have tried to back it up multiple times, even used backtrack Linux, Ubutnu Linux live to avoid the drive, but wooo….

After an all out software thumping with various systems I have hidden in various cubby-holes. (And alas, had to update nearly ALL of them. Except for Ubuntu, I use that most often, so it was easy to have an updated life disk and usb stick. It was at hand. :D)

So I got about 2 hours out of the drive before it failed again. “BSOD” “No drive found”

In the process of trying to make an image to burn to a DVD or a USB. (I’m going for one of each, just in case) The program for making an ISO to burn to the DVD asks for the COA key sticker attached to the underside of the computer.

The lettering is obliterated after countless hours on legs.

I have looked, squinted, microscoped in on it. (Took my glasses off, I am so nearsighted, I can get very close) It is pretty gone.

A bright idea!  I angled it to a light source, PRincess #1 read off what she could see- Wrong…  I read it off… Wrong.

So now, another epiphany!

I took it outside as the sun set, angled it to the sun where the lettering is slightly embossed and used the HD camera from the house.

I have GIMP (thanks GIMP!) open and I am now enhancing the view with contrasts, different colors, mapping, etc etc.. Looking for those letters .  I need 25!  I think I have 22 solid numbers.  but one.. Not so sure. Could be an H. But there is a bit of damage there, like a fingernail scraped on it.  Not sure what else it might be. Maybe a Y or a V But the angles are wrong. Then there is an O or Q ..Sigh…

I”m off to try it again.

Oh, and the deadline? 5 days.

So much for an “Easy replacement and restore”.

Updates later.