Days I lose hope in humankind.


Summer is here, the torrid heat has arrived and among other things, I need a shade to protect the family from the heat creeping through the windows.

So I am off to the hardware store to get a cloth. ¬†I’m not above making my own, but I need the raw materials. To this end, I went to the supply store and was going down the line.

When I arrive and look at the rolls of material, each one a different color, some black, some dark green, others a sandy color. There is another gentleman there with a sales person who is explaining about the advantages of each.  The customer describes the corner of his house that he wants shaded, the measurements and the anchor areas.

I was eavesdropping and learning, too. Take full advantage of the information and all. ¬†Y’know?

Then this exchange happened and I just left.  Unable to grasp how we got to this point in our evolution.

“You need a right angle shade, right here in this package.”

“But, the house angle there is a left angle, not a right.”

I am worried about the human race.

A favor for a special young lady.


I heard of this, so I am doing something for her. ¬†I spoke with her a few hours ago and found her funding site. ¬†She is charming, sharp, and taught me a couple of things. (That’s a trick as I know everything. ¬†Kidding.)

Ladies and Gents. ¬†She’s a sharp kid who is struggling. ¬†Scholarships don’t quite cover it all and she lost her grant to do changes in some rules.

So that said. I give you this to read and consider. Click on the link below and read the story by her dad who is on permanent disability.


$5 US would pay for her school. give a kid a shot.

Thanksgiving at the lake.


I’m just now getting back into posting. I have fallen out of the habit of posting during NaNoWriMo of my goulash of words.

Nothing I would post, but I do have a few elements that might show up in up and coming chapters.

I have on deck. ¬†“Children of Fury: Hellions” ¬†A few more chapters of Dragonmaster U. (Remember Jona, Kolo, Aed, etc? )

Now I come back and WP has altered the code again. ¬†A completely new feeling? I won’t growl at the cheap feeling or how WP swapped the buttons around. ¬†I’ll only growl as it is my second time back to it. Not enough to get into a “feeling” for the controls, just yet.

I can say it makes it feel, bloated. But that just might be me in my 23rd serving of leftover turkey and dressing since a week ago yesterday. (Thanksgiving in the USA.)

So I will reserve my opinion for a while to get oriented to it a bit.

And speaking of Thanksgiving in the US, I willThe View 20151127_080053_HDR show you a few images you might like.


Daily required activities

House Rules: Daily required activities




House Rules, sorry, I used a flash.


After playing hard in the snow, I open with Honey the Dog taking a well deserved nap in the evening.  So tired, her tongue was hanging out.  She was sore for two days after a weekend of running with other family dogs through snow and ice.


Happy Days to all.  To all a snowy good night.

A class reunion and observation.


Decades pass.  For some people, they pass more quickly, others still look like they could be in college still.

Then there are those gentlemen, ones with the hair that was so perfect in school, but nature has had the twisted sense of humor to stop the hair from growing out the top of their heads and start growing out their ears.

One fellow, now keeps his hair cut short to hide the thinning patch on the scalp, but he forgot (forgets on a regular basis?) to trim the hair in his ears.

I mean, wow! I am sitting there and it gets suddenly shady when he walks by. ¬†Five feet of ear fuzz is scary. ¬†He could have braided it into a toupe’ and just used his ears to anchor it.

One beautiful woman I did not remember, I stood and talked with her for nearly a half-hour before I realized at one time, she was a he and he was a decent baseball player in school.  THEN! Then I could relate to some of what she said. Before my epiphany, I was lost to the references.

Once she realized I did not realize who she was, we both had a laugh and restarted the conversation with honest laughter (No cues needed this time) instead of polite chuckles. (Well, okay, always polite chuckles.  I am not known to laugh much.)

One woman walked up and gave me a huge hug. I did not recognize her at all, but faked the “Ohh, I remember. I was so in love with you.” to her. She blushed, giggled, and walked off with a huge thank you and another hug.

She chased me down later to hug me again, introducing me to her date (her son) and brag about him also being an aspiring screenwriter. (in community college working on his english degree and theatrical arts) I can only nod and wish luck.

Then she squeezed the stuffin out of me when I was leaving.

I have decided that crowds I do disdain. But hugs? thems I can take, as long as we are on the far edge of any group.

I bumped into an English teacher who is impressed with my writing on all the subjects you have looked over on here. She even remembered how to spell my name. lol. And my sister (who was not there) I did not bother to mention my niece or nephews. lol.

Funny however, that the teacher got shorter than I remember. Couldn’t be that I am taller than I was as a freshman in high school?

Finally I left, as I was reaching the parking lot, I could hear the class years being called to come front and center.

“Oh the heck with it.” I turned around and walked back to see what it was. (Pictures) the woman with the son-date intercepted me on the way back and dragged me over to meet a couple more friends in the same class. ¬†Each one asking me about my writing when we realized we missed the photo op.

So I laughed and left just as I arrived. Just a little squeezed out, is all.

really, it was just okay.  There were few people I met at first that I spent much time with. And for a large fraction of the time, I sat alone.

So no drink, no booze, no friends other than someone that was a hugging humunculus. (She was short)

So I came stag and sober, I left stag and sober.

that is just the way it always should be. Keeps us men out of trouble.

Funny how it works. When just out of high-school, the men looked at the girls, a few years later, the moms were fair game, now, they are grandma’s and they are still fun to flirt with from what I saw.

Waitaminute! ¬†*Grandmas*? ¬†Well. yeah, so it seems. The grampa’s were getting some action too. ¬† Um..wait… wut? ¬†When are these guys who are my age…”Grandpas”?

Well, this has been an abusive night.  I am not that old. I refuse to be that old.

So on that note, I am going to drink my Ensure and Geritol, kick off my orthopaedic supports and go to bed. Them old folks are too creaky looking for my mental health.

Why I Care About Likes and Follows


Amen to this! I have been building slowly. ¬†Too slowly, according to the rolling eyes of the Mrs. “You should just quit and go do something constructive. ¬†Go on pooper-scooper patrol.”

But I keep going, I cannot stop writing. Even if I am boring.

Source: Why I Care About Likes and Follows