An editor? When you need one.


Writers make rough editors. We clean out our mistakes from a manuscript, and write in whole new batches of them. Another writer looking at your work, puts in their version of your story. It is >your< world.

So you think you need a professional editor. Five cents a word. Not bad… but you have one-hundred thousand words. That gets expensive. So you stick it out. It’s not so bad, right?

Then you have something you have found a flaw?  The more you clean it up, the more errors you find.

When you are about to give up, you resign yourself to keep it on the back burner. ¬†It eats at the back of your brain. ¬†You see the flaws, but those that are your family pat you on the head and tell you “Everybody dreams.”

Some people you come across say they can take a look. Then run a spellcheck on it and say it’s perfect.

Um… no, it’s not.

Slowly, as a writer, you fix a few things, but you know you are blind to the flaws. Mom says this is good and is excited.

Then, maybe, fortune wanders into your library of “Someday could be’s.”

The person asks “Can I take a look?”

Sure. You and 20 other people.

Only this one.  This person they find a flaw and tell you..then another. They pronounce it good, but would you send them the composition and they would look at it.

What the heck. Shrug. Go for it.  What few flaws you can find, if you catch the ones I have given up on.

And the list grows. (Insert boggle here)

This person makes you excited again.  You still need to write and you do.  But this person makes it a happy thing and you begin to obsess.

“Let’s get it done!”

This editor makes you more proud of what you have created than any time in the past.  You begin to think there might be a living at this!  Maybe get a professional editor!

Then you find out that the editor that works on your books, they are indeed an English Lit major and is days from getting a degree.

An awesome twist of fate, no?

Well it goes on now.

I would like to introduce you to the editor, CEO and degree holding (She goes for her official graduation in May) She shares a soul, pulls no punches, is honest and fast. Another author friend of Poffpublishing here in WP world also takes of this young woman’s skills and spirit.

If you need a manuscript to be looked over. ¬†To have a person with increasing skills. ¬†She will polish your manuscript and improve your satisfaction. ¬†She’ll cover a broad range of issues.

Contact L. Barnhill here on

A good soul, she holds her degree and we have cheered (Poffpublishing and myself) her on.  Now so is a degree holding editor who is gaining confidence, along with her friendship. I recommend her for your budget editing needs.

Use her schooling, her skills and her frustratingly accurate comments of “Huh?” .

So be warned.  She pulls no punches. But she coats it with love.

Email her with an inquiry as soon as possible. Be part of her growing tree of clients because she is soon in demand by many people.

Musings from the WordForge.


With the hammer of imagination, the fires of language skills (Sometimes I think I lack, or at least have low quality fuel) writers often come up with new words.

Sometimes they create a portmanteau of words.  Motel (Motor Hotel) for example.  The person that thought that up probably did not realize a whole new word that would be entered in the dictionary after that.

The accepted shortest words “I” “a” that are used as the words. ¬†“A bird” for example.

Then out of the length of accepted word list. The longest word “Antidisestablishmentarianism” is the longest non-coined word that is generally accepted.

But, we are at the forge. To coin a¬†term for use in our novels is as important sometimes as the creation of the world itself. ¬†Tolkien was good for that, but he was a language creator and professor of language and literature. ¬†(But y’all knew that.) so maybe not a good example.

OH! There is a current creator of fantasy and loved by many. Ms. J. K. Rowling and Harry’s world. ¬†But..she is also educated in Classics… we see a pattern here?

Still, both these well-educated people stood at the forge and with the hammer of imagination on the anvil of the soul, we create story, novel and whimsy.

So, what could be a need to create a word?

A person who infiltrates the society of ¬†Antidisestablishmentarianism, they do not really support the society, so are they a “Pseudoantidisestablismentarinism” spy? or do is there a counter-spy?

So a “Counterpseudoantidisestablishmentarinism” agent? (this was difficult to type, not counting how to read it). ¬†The point is, when you write, WHY you write, HOW you write. Nothing is out-of-bounds.

Creation of worlds, creation of words this is your canvas, you soul that lives, loves and stands in the WordSmith shop at the wordforge.

Pound out your stories, when someone reads it and says “Huh?” you can establish the meaning of it. ¬†If your person wears a bandolier (bandoller, bandoleer) look up the pictures of the ammo-belt and write it in! It is your hammer, your skills grow with each stroke of the key and research for your story–you do research, right?– each paragraph you build.

The story evolves.  Perhaps you had a dream of a tsunami of walnuts in your house? When you finish the story, maybe it was a medical thriller of mass poisoning of bad food by a corrupt corporation. (Okay, been done, but I am just using it as an example) Evolution of the story, the building of the world is yours and yours alone.  Many people may not understand it in the beginning.

The term Orc brings up an image.  Professor Tolkien based the word on Orcus (orkus) the god retribution of broken promises and oaths.  They were corrupt.

In another story I know of, an Orc was a judge and law-keeper. you have a complaint or conflict, the Orc-Judge had his or her law-book and followed the law. Rulings were binding. Wars avoided. It was a good story. But no one knew that an Orc could be a “good-guy” prior to this. Many still don’t.

So when someone looks at your work and is confused, do not be crushed, do not hit delete. Let it evolve!  Explain, establish, and tell your story.  JK Rowling created Avada Kedavra as a killing spell. Well..where could this have evolved from? Abracadabra? No..really. Could be? She took a known word and at the forge in her mind came up with a term I hear children at Halloween waving sticks at each other in tiny wizard duels. (I am Merlin, I catch and I eat the spells when they head my direction)

The world you build is always fun. Use the Technicolor of your mind to paint the glory of your story.

Be awesome! Be creative!

Be a writer.

~ your favorite cheerleader and future best-selling author,


Looking for Writing Help?


I seriously need help in this department. ¬†I am so reading this, I’d say it is a good idea for y’all too! OM originally reshared and he has good taste, too. ¬†So thank him for finding this gem.


Check out this link! Note: Comments disabled here. -OM

Source: Looking for Writing Help?

Why I Care About Likes and Follows


Amen to this! I have been building slowly. ¬†Too slowly, according to the rolling eyes of the Mrs. “You should just quit and go do something constructive. ¬†Go on pooper-scooper patrol.”

But I keep going, I cannot stop writing. Even if I am boring.

Source: Why I Care About Likes and Follows

Getting back on the keyboard with the imagination


Okay, kidney stone passed. Pain receding, so I take my longbow and launch a few pointy sticks out of the house (I remembered to open the glass door, even) at the dangling bottle cap 30 paces away.

Sooooo… Frustration, anger, disappointment in myself at being¬†taken to my knees by¬†a grain of sand, I gave myself a little accomplishment and put the arrow into the suspended cap from a milk jug.

You all may have seen something similar on this page before, so it if it is a bit of a re-run, sorry.

But this shot is new. Mrs. D calls it a lucky shot.

Perhaps. Ponder. So I ask you, how many times do I hit it before it is no longer lucky? I am averaging about a hit on a cap once ever 8-12 arrows. Most times it bounces and flips away- but held by a string, I get another go at it. Which I like. The swing of three dimensions adds a challenge, too.

And with that bit of texture. The latest fun shot. I really should keep shooting. But I worry about hitting the other arrow. Small target, a good chance of destroying an expensive piece of equipment, strip off the fletching at a minimum. So I will go out and free the target from being pinned.

Pinned by arrow

Free swinging cap on string. Pinned by arrow.

Critical Name changes, food poisoning and a meeting with the Doctor


Well, folks, to bring a non-fiction update.

Yesterday as you know, the Dr’s office dropped the ball for a meeting, last night, Papa Dash took me to a restaurant he eats at ¬†I gave an order of sirloin tips, hash browns and eggs. SOunded good.

Except for the grilled-basted onions mixed with the meat.

not bad, I am not a fan of grilled onions, as a rule, but I plowed through it as it was the only real meal I had eaten in the entire day.

This morning, I got up and began to eat two slices of dry toast, coffee and work on some fiction for you all.

Then it hit.

Agony. Lower left quadrant of the abdomen.  Severe. I was unable to sit, stand. No position was comfortable.


So dad had to go to the Doctor’s meeting with mom, alone. No interpreter for those highly intelligent doctors that forget that average folk don’t understand Latin.

Yeah, I understand Latin. Comes easy, for some reason.

Maybe it was all the Dr. Suess books I have in Latin that I read to the princesses when they grew up. (Cat in the Hat is in Latin, one of the easiest to find, good place to start learning it. ūüėČ )

But I could not go.  I was in so much pain that I could not focus on writing, decisions or even helping dad with his new smart phone. (Each new gen is slightly different from the one before and his was years old.)

So my whole mission of helping? Fail.

Luck would have it, the MD that was difficult to understand (Soft spoken, big words, heavy accent, mind like a carbon-arc lamp, hates explaining things. Nurses hate him.)  was off the case, and in his stead was a younger MD, plain-spoken, strong voiced, enjoyed explaining things and had a sense of care that the other one seemed to lack.

So I failed, but the Fates intervened and gave dad a break.

Even though I am still burping up onion flavors (YUCK!) and my lower belly hurts like someone used me as a punching bag, things worked out.

If things do not straighten up by tomorrow? A long trip home is in store for me tomorrow.

For the moment, ugh. I hate to do an abrupt sign-off but I am in pain now. ¬†A mild case of food poisoning I think. ¬†or perhaps an allergic reaction? or just the body saying “Blech, onions!”

Up beat note.

Married by Mistake is getting a re-write and the main female lead characters are being renamed. This should be fun.

Podcast meeting is supposed to be tomorrow, but if I am like this, I won’t make it. ugh.

Anyway.  Keep an eye on me and this channel.  More will come.

The word of a Gentleman.


Deep Point of View – an Author’s Perspective


Hanging out with (Virtually) all you awesome folk who write, want to write, are not writers but are skilled beta (or alpha! If so, you have my deepest condolences for reading thypos and gramm..grammer..grammor…errors. But a big thank you for enduring such written horrors to see past them into the story.) readers.

Today I have run across using deep first or third person points of view.  In studying the Deep POV, this is something I have used without knowing the label of it, I just felt it was something that was my quirk and have strove to go back to the older style.

This morning, in a chat with an author, she explained the Deep POV should be used.

The complaint stemmed from her swapping¬†tenses¬†in the same paragraph. Meh, I do that too, that is where the glory of being a Beta Reader shines. (Alpha reader should be the writer, no? Or the adult children, mother, uncle, brother, someone who it won’t be TOO embarrassing to know you write after taking a hit off their bong)

The thoughts of using a Deep point of view, where you get rid of the “He said” “She Thought” “They saw” sort of leading you to know what goes on in the heads of our protagonist or antagonist… or even the odd tangent character that you might write about that has no bearing on the story and goes away within a few paragraphs.

Like the lead-in person that dies while opening Dracula’s coffin in the archeology dig when no one is looking.

So to use the fancy link skills. I looked this up quick like.

For you writers, beta readers, other awesome blossoms that dream of writing. Write me something!

The Deep POV is a strong and useful tool that has evolved in the last few decades, so I will include the link.  It is a good read.

The way I look at it, as writers we strive to make a better, more passionate soul for our characters.


Hemmingway: “First Draft of Anything is S***.”


Setting up a team.

We writer’s who wish to make a living as a writer, a few of us have gone to G+ and are building a community of those that wish to be the *FIRST* to read and give opinions, critique a story. The authors that hold their breath for every first draft we share among ourselves before we can decide to ¬†we need a critique. the words of Ernest Hemmingway.¬†

“First Draft of anything is s***.”

Mr. Hemmingway hit the nail on the head.  Yeah, this correct to the point of being a truism. But not all writers may think of it that way.  

It is an evolution, giving birth to a child of your mind. You work at the idea. Perhaps it comes to you while you are exercising, or in the middle of a meeting at work. Even if you are the CEO, you can’t just jump up and run out to enter it into a file. ¬†You might write it down on a notepad, making it look all official that you are paying attention.¬†

Or perhaps you are wakeboarding on a lake when the idea hits.  By the time you get somewhere to write it down, now has corrupted and no longer what you were thinking. 

How many seeds to novels has this happened? ¬†Thought of, then are stillborn because you were out of position to write them down, or you tell someone who couldn’t care less.

Then you ask them later and they don’t recall.

But then, you are in your garden, or cutting grass, dusting behind the curtains or washing the dishes and the husband, girlfriend, spouse, mom, dad watches you scamper across the floor to type something into the tablet/laptop/desktop. 

Or if it happens when you are in the shower, you use voice to text on your phone.  Then the spouse knocks on the door and asks who you are talking to?

You are a writer, is all they need to know, really.  I tell my spouse such things and she rolls her eyes and walks off. (The curse of artists everywhere I am sure- unless your spouse is one like you.  Like Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo or Stephen and Tabatha King)

So you have this idea.  You write like a madman on too much espresso, you make the hyperactive kitten seem like a sloth in comparison. 

Then you finish and you hand it to someone to proofread and edit. Perhaps two. ¬†Because they are family or friends, you 1. Feel you are taking advantage or 2. ¬†The answers they give may not be stringent enough. ¬†You *think* you have a gem on your hands, and probably is, but you can’t get an agent to read it. ¬†Or you are told your hooks are not developed enough.

So you open the manuscript and begin to re-write. ¬†Perhaps you are Tabatha King and smile, knowing your husband is about to generate another source of income. Perhaps you are Mr. Jones who works turning bills to profits for a company and then you come home to your wife who is a successful attorney — and she is writing, not a briefing, but an adventure or romance.

You read this pride of your spouse… And you facepalm.

Do you tell your best friend it’s great? or do you crush their dreams?¬†

No, you get them to re-write, edit and do it at least a half-dozen times. Then you read it again, do you find someone then to critique it? not a professional “Yes” person. ¬†You want to have them be hard-to-please, but not harsh and cruel.¬†

Polish that rough stone to a beautiful gem.

Then find a group that will give an honest comment after your 8th re-write.

Because every first draft is sh**.