Passive aggressive or beat down?


Woot! this is my triple nickel “555”th post! 
BUT onward!
Y’know I will never get it. Why when you broach a subject, you have the path and meaning planned out on what you will say. The person you are trying to tell what you plan to do, interrupts, jumping ahead to the finish of it.
THEN becomes angry because you shut up and when looking at you they just say “I only asked a question.”
No. You told me my side of the conversation and completed the statement. In this moment, it seems my words, my thoughts, the subject being spoken was not worthy to listen to, so you finished it for me.
And then I am the mean one because I shut up? I dislike being cut off to start with. Then have the subject closed before I get to the end of the sentence is belittling.
So maybe it is passive-aggressive to just stop talking, but when that happens I have nothing left to say and I won’t babble just to be put down again.