Thanksgiving at the lake.


I’m just now getting back into posting. I have fallen out of the habit of posting during NaNoWriMo of my goulash of words.

Nothing I would post, but I do have a few elements that might show up in up and coming chapters.

I have on deck.  “Children of Fury: Hellions”  A few more chapters of Dragonmaster U. (Remember Jona, Kolo, Aed, etc? )

Now I come back and WP has altered the code again.  A completely new feeling? I won’t growl at the cheap feeling or how WP swapped the buttons around.  I’ll only growl as it is my second time back to it. Not enough to get into a “feeling” for the controls, just yet.

I can say it makes it feel, bloated. But that just might be me in my 23rd serving of leftover turkey and dressing since a week ago yesterday. (Thanksgiving in the USA.)

So I will reserve my opinion for a while to get oriented to it a bit.

And speaking of Thanksgiving in the US, I willThe View 20151127_080053_HDR show you a few images you might like.


Daily required activities

House Rules: Daily required activities




House Rules, sorry, I used a flash.


After playing hard in the snow, I open with Honey the Dog taking a well deserved nap in the evening.  So tired, her tongue was hanging out.  She was sore for two days after a weekend of running with other family dogs through snow and ice.


Happy Days to all.  To all a snowy good night.