1,000 Licks!


No, not the number it takes to get to the center(centre) of the tootsie-pop. That is only three.


It has only taken me, oh, since the introduction of the VW Karmann Ghia (and then the end of that model line) to get that many likes.

Thank you, thank you ALL.

My humble writings that draw attention, of the sci-fi, romance, horror-thriller, history. It has pleased me when you, the audience, like the words and images.

I bow in humble thanks to each and every one of you lovers of fiction.

Whisper in my ear what you like to read most, I might write a story just in that vein until I get to the end, wherever it might take me.


Dash McCallen MICP

Author and humble storyteller.

United States Thanksgiving: Please be with family. In or out of US.


In this time of the season, whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. take time sometime this week and give thanks for the family you have. So many lose a loved one, sometimes we don’t tell them– out of anger or oversight, or the most wrong thing.

We take it for granted.

Tell them. Hug them. Enjoy the family. It doesn’t matter if you are a New Zealand, Aussie, Yankee, Canuck, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian and any of the others I am too danged lazy to write out. Take your mom, dad, brother or sister, son or daughter and give thanks that they are in your life.

No borders need stand in the way of that thanks.

Have a good week folks. I am taking a few days away. You all might get ONE chapter, but I won’t promise for the next week.


Even the Bradach Ard Ri gets a week off sometimes.