A Sad Day For a Sun Worshiper


Sad dog rain  2016The weather rolled in. Ā For a dog that is part yellow lab, loves to run and leap. Play in lake and pool. Ā When it falls from the sky, it’s just wrong. Ā Not even her favorite toy of a (No longer) stuffed penguinĀ will perk her up to the happy dog that she normally is.

Honey, the honey colored dog sulksĀ like no other puppy we have ever had. Ā Even the cats don’t hold a candle to the sad look of a dog that misses the sun like a flower in winter.

She can (and does) lay in the sun when it is set on “Roast”. Ā The only solar-powered dog I have ever owned. I have had some that would lay in the sun, but when it got too hot, the pooch would move to the shade. Ā Not so the chilly girl. Ā Heat and sun, that’s her thing.

Sadness falls with rain, as you can see.