Writers Conference at Pacific


Two days in, and gone.  I have learned much.  So much and then three pitches to agents, of the three pitches? All three want to look at the manuscript.

Now, over the years in a previous life, I have jumped over cliffs, (Straps attached), out of helicopters, waded through waters cold enough to kill if I stayed in very long (According to a team member, one of the greatest handwalks across the top of the water in history) , had tested on medical boards, been shot at.

Pitching the novel was every bit as stressful. o.0

But I got all three to accept the manuscript.

I am now sitting at the keyboard, six hours into re-editing with a more learned eye on the wording.

I am tired, but a dead set mind to not give this up.

Further report on the cross-country author, she made it. A lone woman, full car of personal belongings, savage storms in some places.  I can relax, she is now safe.  You can, too.  All you worry warts. 😉

Anyway.  I have two agents who want the full manuscript to look over.  One wants 50 pages (Romance is out of their normal genre but intrigued enough to want to see a good selection, and if good enough?  Might make an exception.)

Anyway, as a result, posting will be slower than usual this week.

A minor arm injury does not help, it is exquisitly painful and discoloring. I think I tore a muscle while doing a chore, also works against me.

So I will double up again on my anxiety meds to talk in front of crowds, pain meds for the arm.

Tomorrow could be a very good day I may not even remember!