Two Seconds Chapter 1. T-Minus 5.4×10^12 seconds




T-Minus 5.4×10^12 seconds

Near the core of the stellar object, in a later age called Sol, eight-hundred billion tons of hydrogen reacted in the pressure and the heat fusing the nuclei together creating helium and gamma rays. The high energy photons created began the random walk to the surface. Absorbed and re-emitted at a slightly lower energy each time, the photons slowly made the way to the surface of the sun.

In the times before the creations of humankind orbited the earth, flew the sky or rolled along roads. Before a man or woman’s foot pressed its shape into the mud along a shoreline or in the dust of an arid land. The energy packets called gamma rays struggled their way through the dense interior of the star.

T-Minus 4,162,752,000 Seconds

Night in the year 1880, hours after the sun had gone down, a woman moaned in pain. Midwives walked about doing their assigned duties or speaking to the mother-to-be as the birth pains continued. William Harley paced outside the door. A few times he dared to pull on the handle to peek inside, only to have his life threatened by the women inside.

One of the three men that stood watch with the soon-to-be father, Rev. Frances Knight patted William on the shoulder. “Will be over soon, by the sound of it. The babe is nearly here.”

“It was a good Christmas, this will top the holidays.”

Robert Valance joked, “She’ll never let you back in the bedchambers Will, less than twelve years and five children. She will do you such harm as to make a new chapter in the Good Book.”

“I doubt that, Robert, she is a good church woman.” Frances laughed.

The sound of a crying baby announced the arrival of a new life to the men outside the door.

“Congratulations William.” Francis smiled  moment more.

The opening of the door interrupted the Reverend as a woman stepped out with the newborn.

“It’s a boy.”

William smiled widely. “William Sylvester will be his name. I have named him after myself and Mary’s father.”

In the growing of the child into a youth, William Sylvester met another young man with a curious mind and an active imagination with the talent to design and build what he had in his mind.

Inventions of fish-line winders were always in the young Arthur’s mind. Love of fishing and laughter, the two boys were best of friends always. Even the times they argued, it always ended up with respect and laughter as they shared their lives and secrets between each other.

Excitement occurred when the boys were standing as a man rode up and down the street on a noisy contraption, a “Motor Cycle” he called it.

The boys became excited at the sight and sounds of the two-wheeled infernal machine inspired the boys with a passion for things to come.

In years of college that came, the younger William impressed his professors and teachers of his knack with the engineering skills above many of his peers. The dream from what he had seen with his best friend, Arthur, still lived in his heart.

Together the boys grew into intelligent and daring men and started a company that would inspire heroes and villains alike on the way to becoming legend.