Sworn Statement


Sworn Statement


Dash McCallen
This is the testimony and sworn statement of Sargon III, Leader of the Clan Ondode, regarding the disaster at Elmer, New Mexico Territories, United States.

As I sit and write this, the images come back to me as if it were yesterday. I will preface this so as to put it in context.

The death of Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, had a chilling effect on the Regents and the High Council, rumors that humans fought back, indeed, several of the best nights of the year, for which all human men and women would hide and congregate in places making it easy to hunt, had now become times of festivities of the world of man– No longer did they fear those of us that prey on them for what they were; Feedstock.

The directive came out in the latter part of the nineteenth century that the Regents had called for a new vote to include the New World clans, not the least of which were the Clans Chupacabra and Manoutou, two of the most powerful of the new world clans, they had petitioned and wanted to be included in the next voting of the High Council. All of the New World clans wanted a vote on who would be the next Lord of Vampires.

It was announced by the Lady Marya, the daughter of the Late Count Dracula, that the Gathering of the Clans would be held in the New World out of respect of the new clans to be included. This was viewed as a positive move to allay fears that the Old World clans were only interested in domination of the New World and to bring peace at the outset of the new Council of Regents. This should avoid the internal strife that Lord Dracula had brought to an end during the times of the Great Defeat, before the Resurgence, what mankind called “The Dark Ages”.

My thrall found that in area of Elmer in the New Mexico Territories of the United States, that a large cave existed that could hold all the clans during the daylight. Thralls would be able to watch over the sleeping Kindred easily. Close by there was a large cattle ranch and several Native American villages, isolated and ready to be used for feeding.

At the commencement of the meetings of the Regents and the New World clans went very well. In the weeks before, the Manoutu and Chupacabra clans showed how easily the day-walkers of this land could be fed on. Clans trained new thralls as the older thralls became more involved in administration of the day-work.

It was at this time that a thrall came back and told of the cattle ranch nearby that was going to have an “All-Hallows-Eve” party there. Many, perhaps five-thousand in all, of the local feedstock were going to be at this gathering, bringing ales and food for everyone, it was reported that the party would last for days. At the first Regents meeting, Lady Marya stepped down as Steward in favor of her brother Luc, Son of Lord Dracula. It was then suggested that the gathering of humans would make a perfect community of thralls to protect the area and bring in new food to those that would stay on at the cave. Wherever those that have wandered and have lost the way in the Old World, it was decided then that this area in the New World would be a sanctuary and home for all of the Kindred.

At that time, no one had suspected the danger to the Council and any of the Kindred. The thralls who would have given warning prior to the disaster were also deceived by the Others.

There was no inclination prior to that night as to the nature of those that were at what the humans called the “Horned-A Ranch” or sometimes referred to as the “No Belly-Acres” to which is still a bit of a mystery to me.

Sighing, the blond-haired male dipped his bone tipped pen into a tiny overturned skull that served as an inkwell. His age was greater than that of Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, but he had no such ambitions or lust of power. Beginning his first life during the human dark ages, he appeared in his early thirty’s. His undead life began when the human populations had declined by a third due to over-predation, laws were passed to save the primary food source for all of the Kindred. as he continued his sworn statement on the events of that terrible night, he felt his throat constrict from the memory of fear.

The first of the week, the hunt went well around the Great Cave. There was feedstock that traveled in groups to the party. Some traveled in small groups, some by pairs. A few larger groups were left alone so as not to alarm the humans at the destination. One location that had used cliff dwellings of the Anasazi, wiped out by the over hunting of the Chupacabra Clan, that a group took shelter for the night where the hunters found them. Several thralls were made, one was embraced as Kindred and the rest were used as needed.

The selection of the High Council came to the final vote. Only the best claims to the seat of Chancellor were left to be heard. Count Dracula had left a legacy that was difficult to fill, some said it would never be filled properly. Others said it was a matter of perception and that a good strong leader would put fear back into the humans and they would no longer have the wish to hunt any on the Night’s Children.

On the night of the Last Day of October, the vote had been made. The announcement of the new Chancellor would be made at the end of the feeding and the decision would be final. Upon the signal of Marya Zaleska, daughter of the Count as her last act as Steward, the host departed the Great Cave and headed out in the night sky to the human gathering. This was the beginning of the end of our civilization as we knew it.

As the Hunting Party arrived at the humans All-Hallows Eve celebration, we mixed with the feedstock, waiting until the Midnight Hour struck to feed. Awk, King of the Clan Ondode, explained to the host of the human party that they were to stay calm as the feeding commenced. The human male who was host of the party, would not bend to the will of my brother. A mental struggle for control ensued with King Awk calling me over to mediate and explain to the human that resistance was pointless

He sighed, rubbed his eyes for a moment, a sound near him drew his attention.

The Regent’s thrall brought a new inkwell made of a small skull of some unidentified creature. He knew it was difficult for Sargon, one day the Kindred would regain the position that was taken from them on that terrible night.

Sargon dipped his pen into the ink and continued writing without looking up.

When I sat at the table, I tried to use my mind to force the male human named ‘Gilbert’ into accepting that he and his party were going to be used and fed upon. This human told us to act as guests and that we would not be allowed to harm anyone. It was then about five minutes to the stroke of Midnight. The time of the feeding for the clans after such a long and arduous meeting.

My brother the King, the great Awk, was among the most physically intimidating of the Old World Wampyr clans. Humans would not look at him directly because of his sheer physical intimidation. He stood over two meters in height and about one-hundred fifty kilograms. Gil, however looked him in the eye and just stated that we were not the most powerful of beings and that the whole of the Gathering were to behave as guests. All of the Old and New World Kindred were welcome if we remained peaceful, but that if anyone of the Hunting Party were to attempt to feed outside of what foot was set out, that is with any guests, they would be dealt with severely.

At this point, Awk was confused. Awk was unable to control the human that he had spoken with and, until that night, I had never met a human that would not be frightened or unmoved by mind control that we possess as all of the Embraced do.

It was at this time that I first felt the unease as to what the humans truly were. Six Wampyre and Chupacabra in the shape of human children sat at the feet of one white-haired human male who was telling them stories as a an adult human would to real children. He leaned on a silver-handled walking stick and had the look of wisdom about him. They selected him as the first of the feeding by those that sat near him.

Wynn, the hostess of the party and Gil’s wife sat at the table. This human I tried to gain control over, only to be rejected so harshly by her mind that it caused me physical pain.

Dipping his pen back into the gall ink, Sargon the III continued writing his testimony after taking a swallow from a golden goblet of thick blood-colored wine, the thought of that agony rebounded in his memory. So long ago, years in fact, but there was no distance enough or time passed enough from that place to where he now sat. His life was down to hunting rodents for sustenance, a few of the Embraced had made forays into hunting of humans again, using thralls to take the punishment in the event that they were found out, but it was a dangerous life due to the vampire hunters, as they called themselves, had been stalking any clan. Many had died at the hands of these humans, many more hid in fear, few felt that they still sat at the top of the food-chain.

Shaking his head at that thought, the once proud Scribe of Regents went back to his discourse of the events. It was the order of the Acting Chancellor of the Council to investigate and try to secure her position at the seat of power, although none of the Regents were truly representing any clan. The power vacuum led to a struggle that haunted all the True Vampire clans.

Sargon just wanted to do as humans did now and again. Get completely drunk and wake up days or weeks later. One thing he had a vague memory of, when Sargon II the Great embraced him after the end of a fight that left a knife in his back, of drunken singing and a lusty women that kept pressing their ample breasts in his face, a faint but good memory.

In that moment, I knew that we had to leave the area. The leader of the Chupacabra, RedNova Du Caudray, who had made herself a seat on the High Council, was in agreement. I tried to get my King to come with us, but he was in a contest of wills with the human host of the party, I had to strike him across the back of the head to get his attention. He was so engrossed on forcing the human to submit he no longer took notice that the human was not even paying attention to the Great Awk. I tried to warn others to leave the party, but the hour struck and the feast of the new Regents had begun, what our history would record as the single greatest disaster that led to the genocide of almost all of the Nights Children.

The first attack my Sire, Rednova Du Caudray and I witnessed. Six of the small Wampyre and Chupacabra that sat at the foot of this human-looking male had leaped up at him with fangs and claws out. Those Kindred appeared to dissipate as smoke does in a wind. Later this was found to be the Angel of Death, one of the Others.

Sargon shuddered, reaching for his goblet that the Thrall from the High Council kept filling with wine. After a gulp, Sargon returned to the paper.

What should have been an easy kill, one of the Lilu clan launched himself at a small female, and he was grabbed by the throat and held at arms-length by the human who then showed her true colors. She proved  she was not human by opening her mouth as an alligator and swallowed that Hunter whole. I learned this was Abaddon, King of the Demons, never has there been record or mention of Angels or Demons among us before this night.

I witnessed another Kindred thrown through a wall by another human that was not human, opening a hole that King Awk, Lady RedNova and myself escaped out of. We attacked no one and told every one of the Clans to flee. Several heeded our words, many were struck down.

We ran and made our way out the back of the farm and between large barrel-stands of wine and beer. We watched attacks against the hostess of the party, Wynn Bron, who spread wings of an Angel and she fought alongside three demons, slaughtering their way through a group of the Hunting Party. Running, we changed form to burrow creatures and escaped to fields nearby. We made our way to a depression in the land and out of site of the demons and angels. Against my advice, Awk became a bat and tried to fly away, only to explode into ashes as a great bolt of light struck him as he took to the air.

Sargon put down the bone-tipped pen,picked up his royal cup and swallowed wine, feeling the effect of the liquor, he turned back to his account of the disaster.

Lady Du Caudray stayed with me as we left the killing behind and returned to the Great Cave hours later, just before dawn. Of the Gathering, entire Clans did not return. Chupacabra Clan was reduced to less than a score of members. No one of the Wendigo clan returned to the cave, of the powerful Clan Dracul, only Marya remains. I am now the leader of the Clan Ondode, few of us survive and out of a total of seven-thousand Kindred that attended, fewer than thirty survived that night. The Clan Chupacabra and the Clan Ondode are to combine, there is no more that can be done.

Sighing, if a vampire could cry, he would have flooded his castle. His mate, the Lady RedNova Du Caudray, Empress of the Clan Chupacabra, put her hand on his shoulder.

“You have finished and the sun also rises. Sign it and send it away, beloved.”

Sargon nodded and put the pen to paper.

This is my sworn testimony of the true events witnessed by me on the Night Of Death on Samhain for all Kindred.


Royal Seal of the Ondode

Royal Seal of the Ondode

Signed ,

Sargon III, King of the Ondode