Getting back on the keyboard with the imagination


Okay, kidney stone passed. Pain receding, so I take my longbow and launch a few pointy sticks out of the house (I remembered to open the glass door, even) at the dangling bottle cap 30 paces away.

Sooooo… Frustration, anger, disappointment in myself at being taken to my knees by a grain of sand, I gave myself a little accomplishment and put the arrow into the suspended cap from a milk jug.

You all may have seen something similar on this page before, so it if it is a bit of a re-run, sorry.

But this shot is new. Mrs. D calls it a lucky shot.

Perhaps. Ponder. So I ask you, how many times do I hit it before it is no longer lucky? I am averaging about a hit on a cap once ever 8-12 arrows. Most times it bounces and flips away- but held by a string, I get another go at it. Which I like. The swing of three dimensions adds a challenge, too.

And with that bit of texture. The latest fun shot. I really should keep shooting. But I worry about hitting the other arrow. Small target, a good chance of destroying an expensive piece of equipment, strip off the fletching at a minimum. So I will go out and free the target from being pinned.

Pinned by arrow

Free swinging cap on string. Pinned by arrow.