10 Reasons Why I Use the Word ‚ÄúFuck‚ÄĚ


10 Reasons Why I Use the Word¬†‚ÄúFuck‚ÄĚ.

Computers, Linux, Windows and no want to play.


48 hours.  Hitting at it.  I had Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux in a quad-boot, worked well. Long and pleasant relationship.  Windows ignored Linux while Ubuntu Linux, Gentoo and Arch Linux happily looked and could walk through the MS Windows garden of confusion, plus one virus that stubbornly refused to be deleted on the windows level.

In the Windows level, it was not possible to delete it, so¬†then it’s incarcerated in a locked and “Quarantined” file.

Linux – all flavors – Couldn’t care less, I never bothered to worry about it, it was just a reminder that I am safe while I keep myself as a client and non-admin in the world of the Penguin. ¬†I could lose all my novels if there were a logic bomb and wiped the drive in my section, but the computer itself would remain intact.

And I have the main works here. ¬†You all don’t get the one line novels.

”¬†A lizard that watches the truck drive off the road.” and that’s all there is! Lol. So, thems not in WP library.

However, I digress. The computer in question, the hard drive began to have issues.  Crashing or freezing at random.  Saving a file could be a gamble if it would or would not be corrupted.

Diagnostics were definitive, hard drive had read-write problems.  So I bought a hybrid drive.

Not bad!

Then W7 showed me a darker side. Don’t wanna play with the penguins!

Say whut? ¬†I made a rescue disk– Actually a rescue USB, optical disks are so 20th century. ūüėČ old tech… And I reinstalled it again.

For your information. ¬†The controlling program, the Master Boot Record “MBR” for short, has only 64 K of memory allocated. ¬†Each partition on a drive is kept in the file of 16k.

This leaves a total of 4 partitions possible. (4×16=64) and this new drive with a section of solid state and very speedy. The MBR has four entries already!

  1. For the MBR. 2. OS. 3.Rescue 4. Program Files

No room for Linux.

So I try to make logical extensions.

And I break windows. o.0

I try to install Linux from inside windows. o.-

Yeah, no fly there.

I install Linux and try to install windows over that.

Yeaaaah…no. *sigh*

Okay.  Once again, format, install windows and try to adjust the partitions and combine two.

Disaster.  I am so pleased I do not have anything to back up.  Not putting any files on there.

Then, in forums that I have read and read and read..until I am green with nausea and blue from lack of movement.  (Actually, cyanosis from not breathing, I keep holding my breath)

I read in one forum, to use easyBCD, what a near disaster, if I had a system that I wanted to save.

First! ¬†It would not launch, only took my computer to a website that “Pay $29.95 for a one time change in partitions.” plus it ships out information for “Quality control, your MBR, file structure…” Already lost me. ¬†Do I trust some faceless creature with snooping on my computer system while I try to make it work? ¬†Nope. I don’t trust politicians, why should I trust a snooping program?

Yeah, and if I bungled it and needed to come back in twelve-hours, I have to fork over another chunk of change? …Yeah, maybe. So no.

Here is where it gets interesting.

You CAN’T uninstall it. ¬†Multiple times, spent three hours, booting and rebooting. ¬†It was sitting there as an icon on the desktop, I used various tricks I know of, plus a few I looked up. ¬†Then got down and dirty in the command-line and deleted it.

But, a few minutes later, the computer acted slow, funky and chunky…then the icon reappeared.

So, my opinion? ¬†Do not use this program! It may not be the classical “Malware” but it certainly refuses to leave when I tell it to. Even Avast antivirus couldn’t kill it.

So, I nuked the system- again.  Completely reformatted and reinstalled and that got rid of it.

So after two days (!!? And I am supposed to be smart! ¬†I have BUILT my own desktops, did a few custom ones, installed Windows, OS/2, Linux, even tinkered on Mac’s when there was an aftermarket allowed.) I have an epiphany.

I did a total wipe, and installed Ubutnu Linux. I don’t use Gentoo or Arch all that much, Backtrack and Knoppix only live in my desk for when I built a computer and wanted to harden it from outside influences.

Then I built, with some challenges, a virtual machine and used it to launch windows.  So now I have it at a point where I am close to where I want to be.

But it is not a true dual-boot.

And Slow? ¬†Pfft… Optical disks even at a speedy 16x still has no comparison to a small, quiet, USB stick that fits nearly flush against the computer.

Upgrades? Ain’t gonna happen with this setup.

So, now as I am sitting here, feeling like I have accomplished an aneurysm and I have entertained you folks ..not at all.. my voices have been pushed out into the backyard while I tackle this project.

And it needed to be done by Monday.  Princess #1 goes off to college, I asked her about her preferences of operating systems.  Windows or Linux?

“LInux, please. ¬†I might need Windows for small things, but I like Linux.”

You got it. So that is now the primary operating system.

If only WIndows would play nice.

Hm… Maybe I can change the master boot record to something a little more current.GUID partition?

Yeah.  But I want to get to writing.  Kolo the Dragon and Jona are languishing.

There are folks that want me to do some critique of their works. (I like doing that , by the way, I just took off on a path of “Now what?” part of life the last ..egad.. probably 8 weeks.. Maybe 12 or more.

Papa Dash, Mama Dash, Sister Sledge, ME, THEN… Oh what now?

Yeah, Mrs Dash is sitting across from me, her heart beating around 180 beats per minute.  I have dosed her with a calcium channel blocker and she has begun to feel better.  So here I sit at 2:35 in the AM, watching her being sat on by a 90 pound fur covered pile of love and checking her with my new (actually old, I remembered it from long ago when I assessed folks on a run) pulse checker. I even listened to her lungs for good measure.

Dang my ears are getting old. lol.

So here she sits in SVT, her heart wants to jump out of her chest and run down the street laughing like Batman’s Riddler.

And I still haven’t’ gotten something to tell you other than blog this.

No vampires, no wolves, no dragons, bots, fairies, gorgons, wizards/witches or archers.

Just a shaking of the head. I am wanting to sit and be willing to open a mic on the computer and talk to you while I am writing down an idea, but now I am feeling like I am the only batter on the baseball team.

I have to go to the men’s room and¬†the other side keeps pitching!

That kind of pressure.

Well, Mrs D is going to bed. ¬†I am going to take a shower and then lay down next to her, I’ll keep my hand on her back to feel her heartbeat. (Yes, you can if you lay quietly. ¬†ūüėÄ )

For now, I will just say, that the dust is settling near Papa, Mama, Sister, and such.  I am embarrassed about being taken down to my knees by a grain of sand, if I knew it was that instead of food poisoning, I might have stuck it out.  Maybe not.

That stuff hurts. lol. With capital letters.

Anyway, off to the showers for me. I don’t want her to be alone for too long, not when she is trying for a heart attack. (She refuses to go to the ER for the most part.) ¬†I can stop most illnesses, but there is a limit on what I carry and can do with a pocket knife and a pen.

Keep me in your dreams, I’ll keep you entertained.


Tatters and bits of a (once smooth) day.


Starting in the morning, Mrs Dash left the payment book so I might get to the motor-vehicles and register the car. Not quite the last minute, we had six days left.

On the way back, stopped by the computer store and picked up a USB cable and memory steick. ¬†Princess #1’s computer is acting flakey and with some diagnostics- I initially thought the motherboard was doing the death dance, I figured out it was the hard drive.

Cool!  Even easier to change.

So, lessee… Windows 7 to back up and find the ISO image. ¬†No problem. I got this.

I got what?

No image in the computer. ¬†Drive dies …and dies… and dies. ¬†I have tried to back it up multiple times, even used backtrack Linux, Ubutnu Linux live to avoid the drive, but wooo….

After an all out software thumping with various systems I have hidden in various cubby-holes. (And alas, had to update nearly ALL of them. Except for Ubuntu, I use that most often, so it was easy to have an updated life disk and usb stick. It was at hand. :D)

So I got about 2 hours out of the drive before it failed again. “BSOD” “No drive found”

In the process of trying to make an image to burn to a DVD or a USB. (I’m going for one of each, just in case) The program for making an ISO to burn to the DVD asks for the COA key sticker attached to the underside of the computer.

The lettering is obliterated after countless hours on legs.

I have looked, squinted, microscoped in on it. (Took my glasses off, I am so nearsighted, I can get very close) It is pretty gone.

A bright idea! ¬†I angled it to a light source, PRincess #1 read off what she could see- Wrong… ¬†I read it off… Wrong.

So now, another epiphany!

I took it outside as the sun set, angled it to the sun where the lettering is slightly embossed and used the HD camera from the house.

I have GIMP (thanks GIMP!) open and I am now enhancing the view with contrasts, different colors, mapping, etc etc.. Looking for those letters . ¬†I need 25! ¬†I think I have 22 solid numbers. ¬†but one.. Not so sure. Could be an H. But there is a bit of damage there, like a fingernail scraped on it. ¬†Not sure what else it might be. Maybe a Y or a V But the angles are wrong. Then there is an O or Q ..Sigh…

I”m off to try it again.

Oh, and the deadline? 5 days.

So much for an “Easy replacement and restore”.

Updates later.

How to maintain?


I am shaking my pompoms like a madman on too much coffee. (think of Renfield after an 8 shot espresso with a double shot of simple syrup) at my dad, mom, sister, brother-in-law, nieces (the 11-year-old that kidnaps me for archery) and the 15-year-old that is in the middle of the teenage angst.

Meanwhile I am the fun uncle that shoots so that he shaves the feathers off his arrows. (That downside? I did not bring fletching equipment! Ack! … Oh well, shooting a bare stick is better than not shooting at all.)

I also sit down with the 15-year-old and tell her about dads who seem to have withdrawn. Meanwhile that dad is on my list to chat with.  HIM I can pour a bourbon with. (Me, rum, or vodka with a splash of tabasco)

My question, how much longer can I do this without weeping in the corner? My teeth feel sore. I am grinding them.

I stand out in the back yard and stick my finger up into the sky. (you guess which one from a defiant gesture. Anger at the butthead that allows such illnesses.

But alas.  I focus here.


Mama Dash. Ill, possible multiple myeloma (bone cancer)

Papa Dash: Recovering from surgery, but he “DFO”d in the hospital the first night and the pregnant nurse did the CPR thing for a moment. Now he has a bruise that is impressive, something i am watching for spread or swelling that might indicate internal bleeding.

Sister Dash (Tough enough for me to call her Sister Sledge-hammer)

3 years after an accident, plates removed from her ribs, S. Aureus found causing an infection, she has no ETA of release. Multiple, strong antinbiotics going in. Does this mean MRSA? I have not asked, I should….ugh. ¬†*face palm*

Keep you posted.

Will go to writing a fiction thing in the morning.

I’m tired, again.

Good night

The Fave author …



Archery and the challenge


Okay, raise your hand if you find archery relaxing. ¬†Anyone? Any… Okay, just me.

Yes, I write, and I have been told I write in a chaotic way (The story began with the word “Chaos” so I was jumping around with different points of view to begin with,¬†in an attempt to give the impression of fear and chaos.) and in the times where my mind has to take a breath, the need to do something to focus is real.

So, I pick up my longbow and shoot. My targets are generally on the cheap, my income does not yet match that of Stephen King or William Patterson or JK Rowling, bottle caps are my preferred targets, and lately I have improved. I am destroying bottle caps faster than the family can drink their drinks.

So I need to make the challenge more, well, challenging.

I have taken a bit of scrap wood, sharpened one end and stuck it into the target back, hung bottle caps and one 2 liter bottle by kite string so they swing in the wind.

this has increased the difficulty by orders of magnitude. Once you loose the arrow, all you can do is watch it head to the point you (hopefully) selected. Well, the bottle moves, caps move.  Now it is all about predicting where it will be.

Some luck is inherent to this effort, so you can call it a lucky shot, if you like, but when do they stop being lucky? After the third hit out of five arrows loosed?  Four of five? Four of six?

Ah but I digress.  Onto the frustration of the day.

I missed shooting on Monday, I headed out when I got uncomfortable with a computer on my lap, even when balanced on a lap-desk. The insulation of the three fingers thick plastic body of the surface still gets warm.  And we are hitting the highs of our summer now.

I stood up and stepped outside to shoot and let the lap have a break, the mind refocus.

Well, until I hit outside on Monday.  First thing is the scalp on my head yelled for a hat.

Second thing: My feet in the sandals started yelling to get out of the sun, this was a bit too intense to be shooting under.

So Monday was skipped.

Tuesday, early, lawn cut, area picked up, slight cloud cover. Wind is blowing strong enough to move things around.  Swinging gloriously, the bottle caps and the foam filled 2 liter bottle was a tempting target.

First shot, I hit the bottle, the urethane foam keeps the arrow from going all the way through and pin the bottle to the target back.  It keeps swinging.

Well, but now, it is off-balance and swinging oddly in the freshening wind, and like a cat, I can’t give up on that challenge.

I go for the black bottle cap, it is swinging behind the bottle, making it a challenge to hit and not hit the bottle.

Heh, no sight window other than my fingers touching my cheek with the #55 pound bow, I launch another arrow at the swinging targets, trying to sneak the arrow past the bottle into the bottle cap.

I missed, not by much! ¬†but I missed…and the arrow that was stuck in the bottle? fell to the ground.

I stood there for a minute, trying to decide to continue to shoot two dozen set of arrows or go figure out what happened.

Well, I chose to go investigate, why did the arrow not even stuck in the target backstop, fell to the ground when the other arrow stuck into the backstop, not even hit the bottle, missed the cap, too. I was close in all measurements, but still a miss as everything was swinging.

I walk up, the black arrow lay on the grass, the tip still protruding from the bottle.

What happened?  I stood there and puzzled it, a broken arrow, but how?

Then pulling out the part that was stuck in the bottle, I had to pull it out forward, as it was broken off flush to the bottle.

Well, I hit the arrow with the second arrow- transverse hit! I hit it right where it went into the bottle.

The arrowhead fits perfectly in the torn-through dimple the field point made on its way through to the so-close bottle cap.

Snapped that booger right off. *sigh* not just broke it, amputated it, if you were to take your arrow (assuming you have one.) put the tip on the tip of your middle finger and then the break maybe to the second fold in your wrist, that is how much arrow I lost.

The diameter is quite small, if you think about it. ¬†They are Easton GameMaster 500’s at the longest cut I can get. About half the diameter of my pinky fingers (I have fat fingers) from 30 paces away. Second shot, in a random swing pattern.

Sheesh, it was a perfect arrow, too. ¬†I have a number of them that are bent, twisted and one I affectionately call “Corkscrew” ¬†for how it looks and how it flies. But now it is a third shorter, I’ll donate the aluminum arrow to the children’s coach that took over from my daughter the archer last year after I repair it to take a field tip again.

In the last ten days I have damaged or destroyed three arrows by hitting them with followup shots. But at least my rate if hitting the bottle caps has fallen back down to ten-percent.


Two arrows, separate bottlecaps

Arrows above the scarecrow

The scarecrow was removed from target status, it became the thing to shoot around, but after it retired as a target and became the obstacle to avoid, the dogs chose that it was the perfect tug-0-war toy and destroyed it.

Ray B. Scarecrow will be missed.