Images from the house of Smites


Report from the Smite House


Ringing sounds from firm smites

The anvil hums keeping time

Hammers and tongs

A fire and bellows

Metal becomes plastic

Into the steel

The soul belongs

Ogham transparent



Black sand

Found in a stream

A careful eye

A skilled hand.

Ogham transparent



Carbon, fire, ore of iron

Coke from coal

As charcoal is to wood

Aching arms

Blue flames, yellow heat

And a loving eye

Ogham transparent



Red heat and the sand fused

Shapes to a curl

A wood seat used.

Long curved rails

Twisted steel leaves

The chair takes shape

Ogham transparent



A century past

A grandchild rocks

With a child of her own

On steel curved

By the house of the Forge

Ogham transparent



The steel soul

Still touches

With words engraved

“For my children”

Copyright ©2015 Dash McCallen