Married By Mistake


Married By Mistake

Married By Mistake Written and offered by Dash McCallen

Chapter 1. Broken Morning Breaks

Chapter 2. Sand Between The Toes

Chapter 3. Unwanted Visitor

Chapter 4. After the Report, The Chart House

Chapter 5. The Morning After

Chapter 6. Monday Morning

Chapter 7. The Water-Taxi

Chapter 8. The Apartment

Chapter 9. Posing

Chapter 10. After the Rescue

Chapter 11. Day Flight

Chapter 12. Snarge The Blended Bird 

Chapter 13. Alone on a Jet Plane

Chapter 14. At the Wizard

Chapter 15. Kaylee Simone Grant

Chapter 16. Week Three

Chapter 17. Tom’s Thumb

Chapter 18.Frantic Flight

Chapter 19. At the Hospital

Chapter 20. Bedside Manner

Chapter 21. Night In ICU

Chapter 22. Treatment Course 

Chapter 23. Realization

Chapter 24. A Phone Call

Chapter 25. Month’s End

Chapter 26. Papers

Chapter 27. Kaikane

Chapter 28. Early Release

Chapter 29. Georgia Off His Mind

Chapter 30. Tears and Smiles

Chapter 31. First Night Home

Chapter 32. Jaw Drop

Chapter 33. I Smile Because You are my Wife. I LAUGH! Because I am your husband. (And you can’t do much about it right now.)

Chapter 34. Flight Plans

Chapter 35. Familiar Face

Chapter 36. Captain Watson

Chapter 37. Las Vegas, Declaring A Medical Emergency

Chapter 38. Emergency Room Visit

Chapter 39. Suite And Shower

Chapter 40. This Girl Loves her Sharp Dressed Man

Chapter 41. Afterglow and Tables

Chapter 42. Packing

Chapter 43. Leaving On a Jet Plane

Chapter 44. There’s Something Missing from Your Mouth

Chapter 45. The Mother-Child Reunion

Chapter 46. A Husband’s Terror

Chapter 47. Kaylee Simone

Chapter 48. The Family Dinner

Chapter 49. The Good-Bye Girl

Chapter 50. Back To The Bay

Chapter 51. Watching The Bay

Chapter 52. Kaylee! Turn On The News

Chapter 53. Singapore

Chapter 54. Big Trouble in Little Singapore

Chapter 55. World Online News Network

Chapter 56. Mr. Lee I Presume?

Chapter 57. News Channel Dark

Chapter 58. Thomas Harrison Harte

 Epilogue or Chapter 59 In This Corner, The One, The Only…


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