About and the Blog Hop!


The Blog Hop! 

30 May 2014:

Well, what do you know!  An exciting way to meet us and for us to become more social with each other.

Thank you Éilis Niamh (look her up, she does awesome words! ) for inviting me into this dance of wordsmiths.  I hope I am up to the task.






Pirate, rogue, explorer, hero, father, teacher, King. Now writer for your pleasure.

Living on the left coast, but not leftist in any manner. Writing for fun and will share parts of stories here. Many of these creations will be included into full novels later. Take a look! Enjoy. Give your comments. Some of these may come with errors, some will even come raw. (Even MORE errors!)



On that note.

The Bradach Ard (W)Ri(ter) wishes you enjoyment.

Dash McCallen MICP


Update3 April 2014:

Someone of the fans wanted more.  So…

A byte (Eight Bits) about me.

Bit 1: Married, Father of two.

Bit 2: Live in Central California

Bit 3: Been writing since before a teen, have written more with the advent of word processors. Notepads and pencils have a habit of getting buried in a drawer and smudged beyond legible reading and reason.

Bit 4: Won NaNoWriMo in November the last SIX of seven years; lost out on the one year because I forgot to submit after being done early. D’oh!

Bit 5: Licensed Paramedic in the last two centuries and four decades. Multiple awards and commendations.

Bit 6: Two books on Amazon Kindle for Sale. Digital Heart and “Walks of Life” Anthology. *Update 7 Sept 2014* “Children of Fury” now available on Amazon Kindle. A novel of stolen children trying to go home. Follow Kerrigan O’Danu and company as they meet a Who’s Who of a rogue’s gallery while they go through one adventure after another to find home and hearth.

Bit 7: Currently there are more than eight stories under development. This is concurrent to fostering (with the teen child who desires to be a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, so is caring for..) TWELVE puppies that are chronicled under “The Middle Piddle” blog here on WordPress. The puppies have all been adopted to “Forever” homes. The blog has come to a close as far as updating’s concerned, but will remain up for your viewing pleasure of the challenges and heartaches of a dozen young’uns with four legs and no bladder control.

Bit 8: Dash McCallen is a Nom-De-Plume (I cooked up the name and liked it so much it is now my main one.) Other names having written under:

Kerrigan Krell- Stories for children to have adventures with. Some are bedtime stories, some are birthday stories. A happy ending in the arms of mom or dad or both is common. Watch for the white cat (Sometimes called Katigan or Catigan) who is the wise old mentor in the stories.

Sanne Footman- Romances along with the Pirate King Dash. Bradach Ard Ri!

LSA Kettleman – > Both Turner and Kettleman write about medical-political horrors in Sci Fi and Historical fiction. Steampunk is a regular subject, but not 100% of the time.
C. Crosof Turner- See up there.^

Dash O’Kelli – A followup development of McCallen. Often with the nickname of DOK. Kept in archives. The two are …erm…. cousins.

Nasya Gloom- Dark stories, never with a good/happy ending. not used often. Usually a development nom-de-plume to separate from the others. Nasya is kind of feral.

Now you know a byte about me.



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