The failure of Smart Bomb Chapter 7. Smart Car


Chapter 7 Smart Car of the novel Smart Bomb has failed to post for the second time in a row.  Some 20 hours worth of writing and editing in total were obliterated. 

So, Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls of all ages, my deepest apologies for posting loose notes and offering them as an evolution of a future novel. 

Twice now, in two days, hours upon hours worth of work have vanished. This morning, I awoke and opened WP to look upon…. copy/cut/pasted goulash. I made the mistake of editing online in WP and it failed to produce the end result.  I don’t know when the text reverted back to the original first draft (really a collection of notes, written while watching the evening news.)  

I like Smart Bomb, it is in fact a good, twisty story. Sometimes, maybe the third time is the charm?

Anyway, tomorrow, Monday, I will work on Smart Bomb again.  If you’re interested in seeing it evolve. I liked the cameos that happened in this chapter.  And there were … three. Some you might like.

Thomas and Kaylee walked across the stage.  A young man named Keegan and a company was mentioned. 

Anyway, don’t stop looking in on the Scenes of Futures Past. I’ve just had a setback and a brand new (Xmas!) laptop to write on.  No polished keys, no broken hinges, all the pixels work. All the pixels, no broad bands of dead pixels across the top third of the screen. 

I’m almost excited about writing again.  Sometimes I get excited. Sometimes I swear I can’t.  But I always do.


Because I must write.  If I don’t write, I would write again.  I just need to write. I have too many stories screaming at me, too often and too loud. Each one wants out. 

Howabout you? What is your frustration?



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