The development of an image.


In the days as I am writing-rewriting “Smart Bomb” one person I had a thought that might make for a great image.

A week ago, I did not have a clue on what the image I had in mind. Seeing as that I have to develop it, I cobbled together an idea.  Being as the story is about a bomb, I used an image of the Tsar Bomba as a base image, the rest was created by way of the image program GIMP.  Several versions have been born.   Then I discovered it wasn’t a still taken out of an image of the event by the USSR back in the day and released for widespread use and propaganda.

Unfortunately, I discovered that it was mismarked, it was not the Tsar Bomba and although there was no identifying marks it was a CGI creation.  SO off I go to find another image.

And I found it in the  archives of US nuclear, Castle Bravo, the rest are my heavy workings of the images.

Okay, I have let this sit in my screen for 12 hours now.  I  will give you a peek at the latest proposed book cover.

Although it is intended to be a “cobbled together” image of poor quality.

I kind of like it.

In the course of the story, the android is a shape shifter. So both genders are represented.

Anyway, Rewriting Digital Heart.  A love affair between a car and it’s humans.

I”ll get you another episode of  Smart Bomb or Irelan’s adventures.

It’s coming.


It’s fun.

dash writes for the I behind the eye




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