Monday is plug day!


Those that have impressed me most will cycle through here every so often. Watch for these wonderful people.  Some I have had personal contact with, others make me stop, ponder and smile.

Not all names will appear every week, but they are always equal and awesome in my eyes.

Some, like my Monster Girl, you must read.  One of the very best webcomics around. is where you can find her.


Oops! Did I jump the gun?


This lady is good for your soul to follow.


Another lady to plug for Monday?  PoffPublishing!  There is a world builder that you can get lost in and forget the worries of the day.

And now the person that makes life  more enjoyable.  If you write?  If you put raw stories in the postings here on WP?

Let the WordPress world see what the diamond in the rough you have, by sending it to this woman.  She carries a degree in English Lit.  Let her have a gander. Lynn Barnhill at

Send her a query.  You and your non-poetry work will be much pleased.

Your caregiver and your favorite upcoming bestselling author.



Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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