4 thoughts on “New Comic Up!

    • Absolutely! Somehow I got behind a panel, but I think I caught up now. 😀

      We will have to get you in a book (Like with Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau published several volumes) and put it on shelves around the world! Perhaps after you finish this cycle of chapters as a full story? Adding things… you have 145 panels not counting specials. (Example: Halloween Extravaganza). getting close to having a good size! Something to *ponder* 😀

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      • Yeah I’m waiting on having enough content for a good sized book, and I would also like to have some extra content that is only in the book and not online. It will take me a little time to put it together! I’ll probably do a kickstarter first to see if anyone would even buy it! It’s not going to be expensive, but I still would like to see if it would actually be worthwhile!


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