I deleted over 100 files and now?


I just hit 666 posts and I deleted a pile of them last Weds.

not sure why I find that interesting.

Might be a birthday thing, I am now one day past, and now into the next year of my life.

On a flip side, it comes to me of a mis-communications I have not before had in the family.

Princess #2 told us that Cousin #3 was talking that his mother (My sister) and I smoked weed together when she was younger.

This is not true, I am positive of it because I have never partaken of the herb to my willingness or knowledge.

Also the math doesn’t work. I moved out when Sister was only snake-eyes old (11) then became one of those crazy folk that flew in helicopters with a dozen others to do things that no one else wanted to do with tools that were ill-suited to the mission in retrospect, like all government resources, it was all we had. But I digress.

So I was about to pounce on Sister to knock off such talk about me, and when I sat to send her a text (she wasn’t home when I stopped by and had forgotten my phone at home) my nephew who was in the center of this storm had beaten me to the punch and declared it all a misunderstanding and defused it.  So I sent his mom…nothing.

All that good righteous anger wasted.

Pfft. What good is it to have a kid-sister and be the elder sibling if you can’t bark at her now and again?

My birthday is off to a jerky start.  And I’m the jerky…


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