Married by Mistake Chapter 27. Kaikane


Chapter 27. Kaikane

Less than a half-hour passed when the black limousine rolled around the corner.

Kaylee could see the broad shoulders of Kaikane in the driver’s seat, the smile matched his build when he saw it was Kaylee. He was a driver with enthusiasm for his clients.

He put on his hat as he got out, Kaikane looked professional and as fresh-pressed as if he came out of a tailor shop.

‟Missus Kaylee. Howzit? How is Tom’s arm?” Kaikane had such a happy soul, that Kaylee had to smile.

‟Oh, Kaikane, Tom is a fast healer. The glass cut down through the bone, the doctors put on some hardware attached to his arm to help the bone heal.” Kaylee looked down while she stepped up to the limousine while Kaikane held the door open.

Kaylee put her hand out on the open door.

‟Kaikane, I want to ride up front with you.”

‟Missus Kaylee , that’s not regular. All clients ride in the back.”

‟Kaikane, how long is the ride to the hospital?” She gave her best direct look at the Islander chauffeur. The effort nearly made her laugh. Kaikane was as kind as Lettie and closer to her age.

‟Missus Kaylee , it is all on the traffic, we will get there when we arrive, is all I can say.” In a philosophy that echoed his Hawaiian spirit.

‟That’s alright, I would like to take the long way, if we can.” Kaylee said.

“I would like to roll down the window and sit in front. Can we go around to west of the Golden Gate?” She asked.

‟’E’e,” His word sounded like he said ‟Aye” in his language. ‟For sure. T’wood ‘A‘ole pilikia Missus Kaylee .”

Then he smiled as she got in the passenger seat without taking her eyes from him.

‟What does that mean?” The words bounced around in her brain and could not find a place to fit.

‟It means “No problem.”” Kaikane said with a laugh as he closed the door.

She watched him while he walked around and then got into the driver’s seat. The limousine was not a large stretched version, but it was roomy in the back. The front – not so much. It was cozy in her opinion. Just a standard seat. Somehow she had thought it might be more plush.

‟Kaikane, can I tell you something?”

‟’E’e. Of course Missus Kaylee .”

‟First. Just call me Kaylee , even Kay would work.”

‟I’m not sure I can do that, but I will try.” Kaikane was polite to a fault. A credit to Lettie’s skills as a teacher and his cultural heritage.

‟Fair enough.” Kaylee smiled and then explained her entire month to the Hawaiian driver who made her feel comfortable with his smile and kind voice.

She found that he was a psych major at University of San Francisco, which was perfect for the dark – haired, smiling student.

‟Well, Missus…” She shot him a sideways look. ‟Ugh. Sorry, Kaylee . My Kapuna Wahane said that the matters of the heart are the strength of a woman. Men of a certain age are best for fishing and building and making happy times.”

Kaikane laughed and Kaylee would have sworn that he blushed.

They talked as he did a slow drive. He was six-months younger than she was, but he showed a wisdom that made her want to visit the islands of Hawaii.

Somewhere in his pidgin-surfer English and his wit, mixed with his grandmother – his Kapuna Wahane – Kaylee knew that there was a path she could take in her life.

She just had to go home to Glenn and answer the question that her childhood sweetheart was going to ask.

Kaikane wheeled the limo around the point where the Golden Gate Bridge foundation anchored to the southern side. Connecting the orange-colored suspension bridge to the Marin Headlands and Sausalito where people lived and looked at San Francisco’s skyline out the windows of their homes.

“Kaikane, how long have you been on the mainland?” Kaylee asked while looking out the window. “How does this area compare to your side of paradise?”

Kaikane gave a quiet laugh as he paused at a stop-sign to let another car take its turn.

“I’ve been here for three years. A ways down the coast there is a place called Mavericks beach, it has good surfing most of the time, but a few times of the year is world-class! I have competed all three years.”

“WOW! Have you won?”

“No.” Kaikane shrugged with a smile. “I can’t compete with some of the talent there. I have found I am afraid of Mavericks.”

“A surfer afraid to surf?” Kaylee looked at him. “How does that work?”

“Some waves are higher than two-story houses, there have been two world-class pros that have died there.” Kaikane smile faded into profound sadness for the first time. “I can feel their mana that stays there. They have not gone on, they surf the waters there still.”

Kaylee felt the need to paint. The things Kaikane talked about. Mana, soul, spirit and breath was inspirational to her. For the first time, she knew that the Hawaiian was deeply spiritual.

In that moment, Kaylee found that she had left mana in two places. Back home, where Glenn was and with Tom, where he lay in the hospital.

“Okay, Kaikane.” She said, coming out of her reverie of looking at the largest body of water in the world pass by as they drove south on Highway-1. “Take me back to the medical center. I’m ready to go back into that house of crazy people who wear white coats.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Kaikane smiled, then corrected himself with a wink. “Sorry, Kaylee .”

Turning left, Kaylee saw the San Francisco zoo as they drove past.

“I will take Tom there when he gets discharged from the hospital.” She told Kaikane. “I have never been there, and I would bet it would be Tom’s first time as well.”

“That would be a good day. It is a large area, be ready to spend a whole day there.” Kaikane said.

“Thank you for that warning. Note to self: comfortable shoes.”

She thought it might be fun to spend time with Tom at the zoo.

*After he’s discharged of course!* She reminded herself with a laugh.

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