Blank! Frustrated! Grab the bow.


Third time today, I sit at the keyboard and there is nothing on the movie screen in my head, I need something I can focus on, like shooting an arrow at a small target a good distance away.

However, at the moment it is too dark outside to shoot the arrows out the door. Odds are slim I would miss the backboard, but far greater than during the day.  So I am not going to take a shot in the dark.

However, during the day?

Milk bottle cap with arrow

Arrow into bottlecap

with it swinging in the breeze, I had to “chase” it around a little. I did not think to shoot the image until I had pulled out the other (Six) arrows, when I did, I could see that the bottlecap was not just stuffed into the target butt. It was neatly pinned.

That was pure random chance the way it twists in the breeze. But just plain-old hitting it?  Not so much chance, I hit it regularly, just pinning it like this was kind of interesting.

Now for your entertainment, I give you a virtual view of archery.  😉


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