Socks and Sandals


Gratuitous Rex

So ok, this post be my most contraversial. Many people up in arms. I get it. But hear me out:

I wore socks with sandals the other day. And I was justified.


First of all, these are not sandals. These are my “Closed Toed, Ventilated, Summer Footware.” But ok… “sandals” is easier to say.

So normally, yes, sandals are for bare feet. I’m with you in that.

HOWEVER, the other day I was home working, in my socks (and other clothes too) and I had to go outside to get lunch.

And it was HOT outside. High humidity. Oppressive heat. So sandals were in order. But I was already wearing socks.

I was NOT about to take off socks, put sandals on, go buy lunch, come back, home, take sandals off, put socks back on.

So yeah, I got some looks as I was ordering my sandwich. They obviously didn’t…

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