What the heck?


I look in on my quiet morning to do catch up on what has been written, shared, created.  And I find- the reshare, repost, “press this” buttons are all missing… Everyone’s.

I have not changed any settings.  Does everyone now have this deleted or missing?

If so? Why?

A bug in the system?

Has WP been hacked?

I wanted to start sharing some good postings (I don’t share everyone’s.  Only one gets shared regularly, as it is important to the storyline, sorry folks.) I go through what is awesome, what is great, what is not the normal great postings. (We can’t hit it all 100% of the time. Even Steinbeck had some that went in the trash. (3,000 words a day without a computer and word processor, there was a lot he threw out.)

But what the heck? No sharing? Ugh!

If this is widespread and everyone, stop messing with the $(*%#@! Code!

If it is just me?  Can someone clue me in on the setting I need to mess with?


Folks you are awesome, keep up the good work and I’ll do the easy repost.  In the meantime, I will do it the more difficult way.

But I will get it done.



2 thoughts on “What the heck?

    • Hmm… Weird. OKay, I’ll look at my settings. Maybe somehow I turned off the displaying of the buttons.

      That is …well.. Not out of the question. I am always looking at different ways to share with the “Mrs. Jones’ website of authors” kind of thing.

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