Cellular Justice Chapter 1. Gimme Your Phone


First Edit

Scenes of futures past

Chapter 1. Gimme Your Phone

The young woman in the wheelchair sat at the corner, waiting for the stop light to change. The final act of Cats was finished, the applause and bows over, she left and moved along with the crowd, at last exited the door marked with a blue and white sign, and alone in her wheelchair, took the isolated ramp to the covered parking lot.

A tone sounded and she stopped in the shadows, held her mobile phone up and began to tap on the screen, quietly observed by a young man who had followed quietly behind the humming wheelchair, not dressed to attend the stage play, this was not a patron of the arts.

Suddenly, with a burst of speed, the gangly youth ran up and grabbed the phone away from the physically challenged woman and the ran off into the night with her righteous indignation yelling…

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