Papa Dash


Only son of a red-head and a giant of a man who was well-known as the foreman on a construction job to get it done – and done right – will be having surgery, a cholecystectomy on Friday.  I will be there as this is the one single hero that has tolerated my tweaks and quirks and still has the spirit to call me “Son”.

Once he had color o his hair (Even had a lot of it! Shhh… No comments on the lack thereof now!) now with his beard, his hair. The hero of my childhood and adulthood, a man who if I was not his son, I would go out of my way to know him.

He looks like Sean Connery, with the voice of James Earl Jones.  Now he is in a rough patch with stones in places they have no need to be.

So, I will be distracted this week, I think. I will try to keep you all posted, but in constant emails with him, interpreting the dr’s comments he transcribes and keeping my mom’s concerns updated.  I’ll be seeing my sister and brother-in-law there, too. (They live nearby).

So a four-hour drive for me.

Small potatoes for family, especially Papa Dash who is also titled as “The Great King”. Who’s throne I aspire to, but I am just a poor copy.

So “Papa Dash” (So named by an old friend when we were little)  John Kenneth U’Maille MagCallen (Original spelling, actually was changed sometime in the 18th century after a move to the New World as explained by “Grandma Boots”.) will be having holes poked in him by a slightly maniacal, egotistical MD with a car payment due.


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