New Comic Up!


Glad to see this, it’s been one of those days. Y’know? Summer here, panting hot and then idiots are setting off illegal type fireworks. I’m so tempted to go out with blunt arrows and shoot the rockets to knock them over before they vasn light them, or even after they are lit, but alas. I would be no better and yeah, a bottle rocket flying horizontal a few feet off the ground is a bad thing I do not need to be party to.

LMG comic updates

blurbies! Would you rather know your future so you could change it? Or is it much nicer to go along, not responsible?

More than that, when you change your fate, what happens to everyone else whose fate ties into yours?

Is that what happened to the soulmates who never came? What choices did they make, I wonder..? What would happen if everyone stayed true to their natures?

I wonder if it might look like this, right here:

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