Archery for my stick and string friends.


I have chided my friends that use compound (not composite, I know folks that have those as well– awesome bows.) out of fun and if any of you all use compound, I tease only in good spirits.

That said, being a “Trad” shooter.  My longbow has no goodies or doohickey -things (Technical term, if you need a definition, it can be googled.) but I still keep breaking my increasingly rare targets. My bottle caps.

This morning, a week after setting up the target sans scarecrow I hit the green bottle cap and shattered it. Yay!  I’m getting better!

I also covered that I hit an arrow with an arrow and severed about a third of it earlier this week? So grouping continues to tighten up while I consider my story lines.

Back to the target, I replaced the broken green bottle cap with a whole black one and returned to the house, looked left and right.  No one home!

Woot!  So I put on my home-made finger tab and opened the back door.  (As far away as I can get.)  A breeze blowing, they were swinging nicely, not as much as I would like, but, far from still, making for a nice challenge. 30 paces (counted) away, a little more than half the width of an American football field.

Six arrows later, I got close but the caps moved out of the way, twisting and swinging. Oh yeah, this will be a long-lasting challenge.

Seventh arrow? I shattered the new black target. *sigh*  I need to back up a few dozen paces, but that is space I don’t have.

Ah well, perhaps I’ll switch to smaller bottle caps.

(I tried to get a video posted, but forgot I am just a poor-boy and in the cheap seats of WordPress, you cannot post video.)



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