Day 55: Rattlesnake Magic


Mountain Man Traditional Healing



This is a reworking of an older post with added information, clarification, and an update on the informant. 

In the Ozarks, as well as some other places in the South, snakes are often associated with spirits, whether good or bad, and are sometimes considered to be the embodiment of wandering spirits. So, work associated with snakes is usually associated with getting rid of spirits in a person. Sometimes if a family has fallen on hard times, or there’s a sickness that comes up in the family, a power doctor or goomer doctor may first search the area around the house for a sign of a snake. Finding a snake, or a snakeskin, often points toward the cause of the illness. Snakes are often considered the companion of the witch, and it’s thought that a witch can send out the snake as a way of causing harm to a person or…

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