Virtual co-piloting


The last 48 hours has been unusually stressful on this side of the keyboard for a number of reasons.

A manuscript, back and printed in just HOURS before I was to turn it in.  I no longer looked at the words out of sheer panic, if I found something wrong, I’d have exploded.  It would have been marinara sauce and cottage cheese everywhere. lol.

The writer’s convention was coming up and, being my first, I had no clue what to expect.  it is quite enlightening, but turning in my manuscript?

Oh my! oh my.. I almost grew feathers and clucked my way out the door. But the local writer’s group I am involved in, friends all.  They pushed, slapped on the back and got me to put it down for collection.

The manuscript is in, at any rate.

It probably is not good enough, there are flaws recall after I listened and talked with the instructors.  Authors that have made it.

I will post information here at the end of the weekend and share what I find. 😉 Worry not good friends and readers, you will not be locked out, I will share.

Speaking of friends. An online friend, an author and talent is moving to the Eastern US to follow her husband who got a job there.  He had to go on ahead, leaving her to do a multi-day adventure -alone- across the country.

She was NOT alone.  I have been following her, sending weather updates every few hours, looking for motels and restaurants/gas stations for her. Updating radar when I sit still and otherwise give her inane and banal conversation when possible, making her laugh– I think.

My best comment, I am 3,000 miles away, tonight I am right there, co-pilot. I have the maps and computer access.  The Navigator is right next to you.

A few challenges during the night, a cold night when no rooms at the inn were available I stayed online until she logged.  Because that is what friends do.  When one of us writers/authors/bloggers/journalists need, we will stand next to each other, even if it is only virtual presence.

We stand now to each other, not looking for hand-outs, but a hand up.  The virtual slap on the back, push, thump on the head (if we are being to self-pitying) but in all, we, as a group, tend to cheer each other on.

So this time, this group of writers would not let a friend move that far across the land, alone with no feeling that no one cares. And not me, either.  Not so long as I have an electron flowing through my circuit board. The other bloggers would fall by the nightly wayside, it is still early on the west coast. I am Western Control.  New Mexico Control has voice and the two women talk about everything from little kids to how husbands are so very inconsiderate. (I shut up about that time of the conversation, far be it from me to play a net-version of verbal “Whack-a-Mole”)

Now for three long days, she has arrived in her new home-state.  But sleeping in the car is part of the adventure.  heh.  At least we were able to help and be the copilot she needed.

Tomorrow, she arrives at home and we get our stable, intelligent sister back to the writing world in a few days (Okay, we are talking cable and telephone service being established, could be weeks.).

I hate moving, even as a virtual copilot, it is hard on the (Virtual) nerves.



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