The first shoot


In the last few days of writing and exciting, an editor finally returned a manuscript to be used in a contest. Wish me luck.

The stress of editing, finding errors that even the editor missed. (okay, that’s unfair, I use Latin, Gaelic, Spanish, German, Klingon, slang and a whole lot of gibberish, so the editor is at a disadvantage other than to give me a thumbs up or down at the end on whether they like and understand it.)  I have been shooting my bow a lot.

I have lost my fletching bag, too, which annoys the snot out of me (It’s the allergy season, so that is a lot of mucus. I hate Spring.) and i am good enough that I am tearing off fletchings from my arrows.

Now, some of y’all might have all them fancy counterweights, pins, optic devices, gyro-stabilized, trigger released, pully-and-cable machines that you brag can push a pointy stick to the length of an American football field in one second.

Mine is a simple longbow. 55 pound draw, no let off. 30 paces (the farthest I can get away in my property. In fact, I stand inside the house and shoot out the *open* sliding glass door.) no aiming devices, just my eyes, a home-made fingertab cut from a chunk of blacksmith’s leather, held together with a copper rivet. (Then softened by the dog who thought it was a great chew toy for about 5 minutes while I looked for it.)

I have been shooting as inexpensively as I can, it helps relax and focus the minds eye. But, I have been hitting and destroying the bottle caps faster than Mrs Dash can free up on her summertime drink (Lemonade, store bought. perfect supply of them).

With a brainwave, I have taken an empty two-liter bottle of seltzer water (I eschew sodas, but I do love the carbonation, cold “fizzy-water” with a slice of lemon floating in it is perfect refreshement for me.) and filled it with expanding urethane foam.

However, I began to wear that target out rapidly, I then took  the idea to another level.  I made it a randomly moving target.

Sharpening a stick I recovered from the scrap wood in the garbage, I forced it into the target pad and with some kite string from a closet, I hung the bottle to swing in the wind.

A good breeze blowing outside, enough to make wind-chimes ring and trees to move. the bottle presents a moving target.

Already the printer-proofreader found a flaw, two paragraphs were repeated after each other.  File edited and resent.  So now is a good time to de-stress.

I nocked an arrow and took aim at the swinging bottle, trying to time the swing and twisting motion in the wind.

My first shot?

First shot, swinging bottle

First shot, swinging bottle

after laughing, I pulled the arrow and repeated the performance for the second and third shot (pulled arrows), missed on the fourth, nudged it with the fifth and pinned it with the sixth and final shot. I need to glue bottle caps on the bottle I think as additional and smaller targets.  Need to make it difficult.  I would claim “lucky shot” but how many lucky shots do I make before they are no longer lucky?

I wonder if I would be any better with targeting devices or if it would work against me.

Anyway, back to chapter 4 of Valley of Fear.

Stay tuned.

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