LMG’s Internet Buffet – “Sadness”


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I don’t really like to post about bad moods. I just feel that it is done so much, and I personally believe that we are required as humans to work against it, to not give in to it but to balance it out, or relieve it from ourselves and each other. Sometimes that’s just not possible; and anyway, sometimes the shadow side of life is important and must be given its due. This painting by Luke Meyer http://lukeymeyer.com/2015/05/25/lights/ called “Lights” fit my mood this week.
Let’s face it, I fail a lot in life. I think more than most people. I don’t mind so much. I don’t want or  expect to be a huge success. I just want to take care of myself and have some fun. The hardest part I think is when I put a lot of effort into something and I get nowhere at all, or…

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