Why nobody reads my blog posts



Every now and again I lament, “Nobody reads my blog posts.” Then I ponder, reflect and remind myself of the following:

Nobody reads my posts because my writing reflects how I feel in that instance. Well, who cares! I must write what others may be interested in.

What crosses my mind first, makes for my headline. But why do I forget the phrase, “Sleep over it.” or “Think about it.”? Shouldn’t I dwell upon what I have written (or am about to write). How about conveying that in the shortest, sweetest little headline! Next time, I’ll write up a few; then will pick either the zaniest, or the smartest or even the simplest. Perhaps I should even test each one, then go with the one that brings the most readers.

In a rush, I spill my guts; driving away even my stray, occasional, random reader…

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One thought on “Why nobody reads my blog posts

  1. I can relate to this post, I often wonder when I look at the page stats why I have “Likes” but no “visitors”. Then I remind myself, who am I really writing for….ultimately it’s me – and the numbers are just numbers. Positive feedback is nice and analytics can be an oddball sometimes. Peace, Harlon

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