From Fiction to Rescue


Early Sunday, Mother’s Day 2015.

So, at 07:30 in the AM after going to bet at 4:30, I’m writing the post for a next chapter in Smart Bomb.

I need Coffee, and I’m up in the kitchen when my private phone rings.  (Family only) it’s my adult niece, six-months pregnant.  She and her boyfriend  had broken down on a frontage road next to a highway– 40 miles away.

American Auto Association did a great job, considering I had limited information, and the TWO humorous situations involved.

First; the nice woman with a slight Carolina accent (Sounded like she could be Andy Griffiths daughter) whose name is Rhonda.

So my first comment, being as I am calling for a tow?

“Help me Rhonda!”

She got the Beach Boys reference. Seems we’re of the same generation.

Second: “Where do you wish to have the car towed to?”

“Well, let me think about that. It is Sunday, Mother’s probably home.”

A laugh at the other end and a verbal nod.

By the time I got home, rescue performed. I suggested to her, her mother (My sister) to invest in roadside assistance.  If this had occurred the day before, at the time she called, we (Mrs Dash, Princess #1 and I) had gone to the mountains in the east for wine and chocolate tasting, antiquing, general shopping and walking around in a gold-rush era town, there would have been zero contact.  No phone coverage in that area.

I learned a lot. Even a Mercedes has a tow-hook.  You have to get it out of the trunk and screw it into the bumper.

So last nights posting never happened. I was too far behind.

However, Sleeper the car has made an appearance.  I am not sure if it becomes a relationship between one AI and another. Or if this is a …pardon the pun…Came(r)o… appearance.

So the moral of this, family is everything, yes they make you bang your head against the wall, and children are still children for(ever) your heart.

Still, keep it in mind, tow insurance for kids, no matter how old is a good idea. Keeps the crazy uncle, who is oblivious to what the clock says, from wandering around at odd hours, making King Lear seem like a cute pouting baby.

Anyway. Remember to write! Even when the world conspires to take you to places that has no chance to jot down your thoughts.  Which brings me to another thought, the speech to text apps that the android phone?

Why can it not understand a simple term like “Home” but prints out perfectly, the profanity uttered when you finally give up with the effort?

It’s a machine conspiracy.

One thought on “From Fiction to Rescue

  1. Funny, as I was reading this and you mentioned the name Rhonda, the first thing that popped into my mind was “Help Me Rhonda”. Do you think Rhonda is here real name or it’s just a set up for witty retorts? Either way, is it safe to say that “great minds think alike” or is it “fools seldom differ”.
    Your writing suggest you have a great mind, today, I feel rather like a fool – which is not a bad thing 🙂


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