Smart Bomb Chapter 9. Makin’ Macon


Chapter 9. Makin’ Macon

The ancient SmartCar made the trip on its last legs to the town of Byron. The android guided the car to the truck stop, arriving as a creaky old man who appeared like he qualified as the original owner of the tiny, disposable car.

Pulling to the power plug, the indicator on the plug showed it would be fifteen minutes to fully charge the little unit.

Leaving the ignition key-fob sitting on the driver’s seat the forgetful-looking old man walked away into the crowded Truck-service-stop where the engineers of different companies serviced the driverless trucks as they motored up and down the highways.

Turning to look, the backpack wearing old man no could see the partly charged little car.

Someone had inserted a pay-chip to release the charging connector and drove away in the unattended car.

According to plan. The average looking gray-haired man walked through the service center and out the other door. Across the parking lot, out of sight of security video devices. Putting the backpack down, the twenty-something woman put on the jacket and approached an older pilotless truck.

It was charging the massive battery banks, such a wheeled transport was long distance and never stopped except to charge the motivating units.

And it was easy to hack to those who had the ability.

And the android did not need to have a physical connection, a simple physical contact, a reset button under the dashboard in this Volvo eighteen-wheel truck. The bluetooth system controlled, wheel pressures, brakes weight and slippage rebooted and the Sword of religion was in control. A simple alteration of the weight, and climbed into the cargo area.

Ikea cargo. Blankets, pillows.

The android nodded. It based the selection on odds and the odds were in the favor of something proper.

Once inside, having access to the controllers on the truck, it was comfortable and safe.

The android was in stealth until the truck made the next stop for re-energizing.

Changing to a male of medium size and short brown hair. A shape the core processors selected to be both unthreatening, but not appearing dangerous.

The male closed his eyes, the core remained unstressed. They had adapted to the cold by using the SmartCar heating system.

However, the little car had no auto-navigation or piloting software, clearly an ancient car in the American society, unmodified it had an oil-burning engine with cylinders.

Modified by some talented shade-tree mechanic, the all-electric little car was now on the underground economy after being stolen somewhere after the android dumped it.

Checking the worldnet map, the truck would pass through the city of Macon and towards Atlanta. One scheduled stop for energy, then the truck would find the final destination in Chattanooga, Tennessee at an Ikea store there.

There would be time to exit the big transporter before the automated offloaders opened the doors and began to rumble around, preventing awkward questions.

His courage would not be challenged on this trip. He had little to report, other than his travel to the goal was greatly eased by the theft of a ride.

The male appearing android powered down, appearing as an inert body in the neatly arranged cushions and blankets.

Estimating four-hours drive, he set his power-up cycle for that time.

Feeling safe, he allowed his memory banks to enjoy the random dance of electronic dreams.


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