Princess Julia’s Adventure


Princess Julia’s Adventure

by Dash McCallen

Princess Julia awoke and got out of bed, her jammies were so comfy that she always liked walking around in them. Her magic cat, Nimbus, a giant white cat that was the size of a pony this morning, yawned and stretched. He was so tall he could be taller than her when he stood on his hind feet.

Nimbus was her bestest friend in the whole world, besides her mom the Angel Queen. He was almost eight years old, he was ANCIENT! She asked him often if he knew any dinosaurs when he was young and he would tell her stories of places he had visited. He could talk to her so that she alone could understand her secrets as he taught her things about grown-ups that always seemed to do things that made her laugh and thing that all grown-ups were just plain silly. All grown-ups except her mom, the Angel Queen.

They lived all by themselves in a castle and took care of people who could not take care of themselves. Nimbus was the protector of all the castle, he ordered dogs around, kept cats from letting mice take over and he even bossed some of the grownups around. Sometimes she would rid on his back when he grew to giant sizes, when he did that, he was bigger than a lion!

Walking to her mom’s room, she was skipping in her favorite jammies, Nimbus followed her, he great big blue eyes watching back and forth when he said “Julia, stop!”

Growing to tiger size, he knelt and let Julia climb on his back and Julia rode the most magical cat in all the Queendom like a horse. She always loved the feeling of his fur between her fingers as he ran along the hallway. Her mom NEVER let her run in the hallway!

Running to the Queen’s room, Nimbus skidded to a stop and Princess Julia slipped down off the hugs cat’s back. Nimbus shrunk down to regular kitty size as she looked around. The room was empty.

Mom was gone? Mom was gone! The only clue was a little pink balloon with a note inside it. In the corner was a cage where Jocular Jake, the old fat hamster lived. He was sound asleep when she walked up and poked at him. The hamster was snoring like a helicopter sounds when it flies.

“Don’t bother me! I’m sleeping!” he squeaked, when Julia opened his cage and poked a finger at him softly.

Julia looked at Nimbus who then stuck his head in the catch and licked Jocular Jake who squeaked in alarm!

“AAAH! DON’T EAT ME!” the little furry friend cried.

“Then get up! We are looking for the Queen. Where is she?” Nimbus purred. “Besides, you taste yucky, you need a bath.”

Julia laughed and laughed. The Jake and Nimbus were friends, but Nimbus loved to lick Jake and Jake hated being liked by the big kitty. Jake was always thinking Nimbus was just tasting him.

“Mama? MOMMY!” Princess Julia called. The Angel Queen was not in the room. At the ceiling, a balloon floated with a string that held it to the bed that the beautiful Queen would sleep in.

“What is in the balloon?” Julia asked, she was too little to reach it, but Nimbus was able to jump up and grab it by the string and pulled it down.

Inside the balloon was a piece of paper and Nimbus was looking through the stretched rubber at the note “I can not see to read it. I do not want to pop it, I hate popping balloons, it hurts my ears.”

Jocular Jake laughed at the two others, “Haha, just untie it!’ He squeaked as he put on his glasses.

Carefully pulling at the knot on the string that tied the balloon shut, Jake was able to loosen the rubber knot and Princess Julia let the air out. With tiny fingers, Julia pulled out the note from the rubber balloon.

“I don’t know how to read yet!” Julia frowned.

Nimbus smiled and purred. “I can read it, if someone will hold it open for me. I have no thumbs!”

Princess Julia held the top of the curled note and Jocular Jake dangled from the bottom and helped hold it open for the old magic cat to read.

The Clue

“Go to the beach, find a Sea Dragon and a King with emerald eyes.”

“Where do we find a dragon and a king?” Jake’s eyes boggled.

“Well, we go to the sea to find a sea dragon.” Said Jocular Jake

Nimbus laughed the way only a magic cat can do and said, “Hop on my back, both of you and hang on, we are gonna run!”

“We go to the sea!” Said Julia with a whoop-whoop dance.

With that, Nimbus became the biggest cat in the land, bigger than some cars and bigger than dogs. Jumping out the window he landed on the grass outside the castle. Nimbus turned and with his eyes turning green he purred a magic spell “Locks and gates, keys that tinkle, no one gets in without me feeling a tingle. Stairs that creak, windows so clear and glass clean. No one gets in without being seen.”

Nodding, the castle was guarded by a cat’s magic spell. Nimbus would know if someone tried to sneak in the castle’s keep.

With a cheer and giggle the trio of friends ran off down the path to the sea to meet the cat’s old friend.

“Wooooo!” Dogs howled as Nimbus with the princess on his back ran by at super-cat speeds. Giant hunting dogs turned and ran as the big paws made no noise but they would see the big giant cat come towards them from down the road.

Big mean dogs in front yards whined like puppies and ran behind their houses as Princess Julia laughed with glee. The wind in her hair tickled her and the sight of the scariest dogs in the land running like the scared kitties they like to chase was the funniest thing she ever saw.

Nimbus slowed to a trot, horses turned and watched as they went by the fields and meadows of farms. Down to the sea they went, people getting out-of-the-way as fast as they can.

Nimbus, with Julia and Jockular Jake looking around, trotted to the docks. Jake squeaked as his eyes looked big behind his glasses, “There are Wharf cats here, they will eat me if you leave me. Nimbus, puh-leeeze do not leave me here!”

The great white and gray patched cat chuffed in a kitty purring laugh and whispered “No worries little hamster friend, no one will get you. Just for now, cover your ears, I am going to let people know I am here.”

Princess Julia giggled to what the giant cat said: “I think they already know you are here, Nimbus, they are running away from you.”

The giant cat’s eyes glowed yellow and then green, then blue and back to yellow as he looked around for someone.

Loping up to the edge of the dock, a medium-sized ship with “Dolphin” painted on the side, surrounded by lights that twinkled even in the day. Up high men and women were working hard to get a net-load of boxes on the ship.

Nimbus looked around and said “Cover your ears good, I’m going to let know who I am.”

With that, Nimbus took a deep breath and…


Sailors ran and tripped, cats of the dock looking at Jocular Jake as a tasty snack flew off the docks, jumping into the water. One dog ran so fast he was losing fur as he ran to the shore.

The net of cargo that the sailors put on the ship slipped and fell, crashing to the dock with a huge sound. Inside where the net was, was a sound of a groan. Slow, heavy footsteps clumped as he walked from behind the pile of boxes and he stepped out of the dust and into the clear light. Princess Julia saw blood-red hair hanging down to his shoulders, dressed all in black, the red-haired man walked slowly with no fear looking angry as Nimbus took another great breath to roar again and the man in black reached out and put his hand on Nimbus’ head, and Nimbus purred and mewed, shrinking down to the size of a house cat again.

“Welcome, old friend. Who do you have here?” He bowed low to Princess Julia “I am Captain Krell, King of the Pirates in all the seas.”

“Hello your majesty!” Nimbus laughed.

The Pirate King

The tall red-haired Pirate King reached up and untied a balloon from a large box. In the balloon was a note and handed the pink balloon to Julia.

“The Queen told me to give this to a little girl who would come to me riding a giant white kitty!”

“Who are you?” Julia said.

“This is my old friend!” Nimbus said to Julia and Jake.”How are you your Majesty?”

Julia looked at the tall red-haired Captain.

“We have to find a king with emerald eyes and a sea dragon.” Julia shivered because she was scared of dragons.

The King of the Pirates leaned over and winked. “What color is emerald?”

“I dunno, ” Said Julia looking down.”White?”

“Blue! Squeaked Jake.

“No, Green.” Said the old Cat.

Julia looked at the Captain and saw he had green eyes. A green-eyed King!

“Is there a dragon around here?” Julia asked.

“That is my ship! The Leafy Sea Dragon. A pirate ship that flies in the air and sails under the sea, it has been everywhere and saved many good lives. A pretty ship and a good ship. You have had good answers. Your balloon has a note in it. Would you like a ride? In the Leafy Sea Dragon?” Asked the Pirate King.

“No, my mom said not to go with anyone I don’t know.” Princess Julia said. “How can a leafy sea dragon like that be a ship? I mean, how big is the Leafy Sea Dragon?

The King nodded and smiled. “The LSD is very big and flies in the air, when we fly we go everywhere. We look like we have lots of balloons and your mom is very smart. The Angel Queen loves games and stories. Tell her you met me, she likes those stories.”

Turning suddenly, his red-hair shining in the sunlight “Make way! Gangway! Sailors! Officers! Pirates! Stow and make fast all cargo, we leave in an hour!” he bellowed like a great lion.

Elf and Horse

Jake opened the balloon and Nimbus opened the note.

“Go to the horse barn and find an elf with white hair.” The big kitty read the words.

Off they ran, waving bye to the King as they went on their adventure.

Riding along the road, Julia saw a big red barn.”The horse barn! Go there!”

Inside the barn, there was a horse that was sitting like a dog, underneath the horse was an elf of the high mountains. His white hair in the straw and hay as he was yelling at the horse.

“Get off! Get off! Off-off-off I say!”

The horse laughed the way horses do and with a snort said, “Only if you promise to get me some carrots.”

“We are out of carrots! Now get off me!” Shouted the elf.

Nimbus and Jake laughed and laughed and the horse turned to the three friends and stood up, bowing to the princess.

“Hello! Welcome to my barn.” The Horse said, “I am Achilles, this squished stupidhead is my pet. Epi Blackberry.”

Julia giggled, “I did not know a horse can have a pet!”

The Elf stood up, “I am no pet! I take care of the horses here, I give them baths and brush them, I keep the horses for the Angel Queen.” He said wiping off the straw and dirt while Achilles did a horsey laugh.

“Who are you?” Asked Epi when he saw the Princess and her friends.

“I am Princess Julia, I am looking for my mom, the Angel Queen.”

“OH! Princess!” Whinnied Achilles the horse as he trotted up to the three friends. “A balloon we must give you.”

“Achilles, heel.” Said Epi, “I will get it – I have opposable thumbs you hoofed headache.”

Achilles stuck his tongue out at Epi. Whispering to the three friends, “I will lick his face when he sleeps later and wake him up.”

“I heard that!” Yelled Epi from the back of the barn. “I’ll put cauliflower in your oats.”

Achilles made an ugly horse face as Epi came back with the balloon. “This has a note in it, I was told to make sure it went to the princess, who are you again?”

Julia giggled, “ME! I’m the princess!”

Epi happy to give the balloon to the princess, and Jake helped untie the string again. Nimbus read the note.

“Find a castle with lots of balloons.”

Julia looked at the Big Magic cat. “Where is there lots of balloons?”

But Nimbus was looking outside, “What flies with lots of balloons?”

“A FLYING Leafy sea dragon!” Julia jumped up and down, clapping with happiness.

“Where is it going?” squeaked Jocular Jake.

“To the Castle.” Whispered Nimbus the Cat.

“Lets run!” Princess Julia said as she climbed up on the back of her friend cat.

The three friends moved fast through the country and came to the castle where Leafy Sea Dragon was floating in the air in the front yard, but no one was in the castle and one balloon was floating by the front door with a note that read, “Go to the back yard.”

Julia ran with her friends around the castle and in the back yard was… everybody.

It was a PARTY!


It was a birthday party for Princess Julia. There she saw:

The Angel Queen.

The Pirate King

Achilles and Epi (This time Epi was sitting on Achilles in a saddle.)

Friends and Horses, cooks and guards.

And most of all…

Princess Julia!

and they all sang and yelled.

Happy Birthday!

She had forgotten with the adventure it was her birthday.

It was the very bestest day of all.
©2015 Dash McCallen All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Princess Julia’s Adventure

  1. And I do like this one. “Tigger” was a real cat, all 22 (PLUS!) pounds of him. Fearless to any animal, even intimidated the two Rottweilers two doors down when he got out. Had the both of them standing on the hood of a car while he walked circles, growling. And yet? The old boy liked to sleep with his head on yours. Using humans as a chin-rest.
    Or tended to lick your nose while you tried to hold conversations– it was kind of awkward to explain that to people. “If he does that, you are in his tribe/pack/clan/circle”

    Then came the headbutting. I swear Tigger the Cat needed horns like on Ram sheep. BIGHORN sheep..LOL

    Rest in Peace Tigger, you would be 35 years old this year. Miss you.

    Liked by 1 person

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