Changes in WP, a grumble.


One thing I do not care for, is the eye-candy.  “Beep-beep-Boop”

The previous graphic for indicating those that follow, like or comment were fine, although(Playing devil’s advocate in my own mind)  it might be more costly to maintain different graphics (Albeit they were smaller than a thumbnail.)

The new designs during composition is too much like a 1980’s video game, what is needed, less eye-candy and more direct control of the features.  I don’t need a case of mental sugar overload (Get that enough from other sources.)

Give me logical progression of controls down a column. If I go out and shoot archery, I don’t need the little pins, counterweights, pully-cam-cable compound setup, drop-away this and release that (although they are nice), I only need a stick and string sometimes, leave it to my choice.

That’s how I write, don’t polish it up or change the locations of the widgets on the side. I spent months putting them where I wanted them, now they are gone, changed colors, don’t even look like widgets or controls.

Add them to the selections, let me have a selection- not what you (DICTATE?) suggest it will look like.  In fact, when composing, I like a boring screen. Black and white with contrasting colors for notations (Occasionally green or red).

My limited creative juices are then less trying to enjoy what I am seeing and more of what I am reading and composing.  Let the eye-candy be the end result, I don’t need pastels or such when writing– unless *I* choose.

I will grant you the notification of activity so you can cut it down to TWO items to be saved on the, a red or a non-red to indicate information of some kind.

But I don’t need “Beep-beep-boop” while the screen loads.  All that does, in my eyes, is degrade the professional feeling of the composing and “Creating a new post” facet of the otherwise nice system.

So in the words of a famous person somewhere.

“Knock it off.”


3 thoughts on “Changes in WP, a grumble.

  1. Wow, I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for enlightening me about what “beep beep boop” actually means, I hadn’t the foggiest idea. I just knew it was irritating and sounded like the beginning of a six month old’s nursery rhyme, (which is totally fine for that audience, of course!) I reblogged a post a while back on how to force WP to stick with the old editor, it’s a macro that permanently locks it into basic mode which for me made the difference between minutes versus an hour just to post the thing. The eye candy means frustration for a lot of people and full exclusion for people with sight impairments. I’ll complain away right with you.

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