A tale of upgrades


I have been fighting with the wifi connection for a couple years, lack of automatically logging in for a number of months whilst I write. Normally, I ignored it until I got to posting, then I would connect and do the dance of three connection cycles.






It was the only way to get the wifi to connect, as the clock would tick by, when I begin to research the next version of a story, another chapter or a wholly different story (If you have followed or read any of my creations, I wander around from Sci-fi to fantasy to historical fiction to children’s stories, there is little I won’t write about. Dragons, demons, vampires, politics (Speaking of vampires!), pirates, ships that sail, fly or rocket across the stars, sea dragons both imagined and real.)  The wifi would drop out.

Kicked off. Booted.

Annoying at best.

So, while bug-squashing that system, I decided to upgrade the software.

Never, since Dos 2.2 I have I had a smooth transition.  Windows 2.0 to 3.0 was like walking barefoot across burr clover, upgrading OS/2 from one to another was like rubbing my eyes with a chilipepper.  Windows … forget windows.  Linux!  *sigh* Like passign a kidney stone.

Too many black-hat hackers have caused me to use a TWO step login.  So, of over two-HUNDRED different passwords (written down in a notepad, out of order) I have an automatic login. From one LTS (Long term support) system to the last one in April of 2012, was not so bad. This time, lost all password log in system. I thought i had it backed up, but the auto-login funciton was cleared.


Now, in the passage of time, I have a two step log in.

Once the password was remembered with a memory trick (how to associate a password with pain heh) I now had to give a code by the mobile authenticator.

Somehow that failed- repeatedly.

Uninstalled Google authenticator, reinstalled, submitted codes.

Still locked out of WordPress.  *sigh*

I have the password in place and working, how and why is the Authenticator >not< working?

Recent history- The phone was replaced by the destructo-puppy of a Princess we were sitting.  The puppy chewed up the old Samsung GS3. Really!

Broke the glass in 4 places, turned it into a wreck that barely worked. You had to squeeze it just so to get the screen to work, but using the touch screen? tape with a bit of cling-film over the face seemed to work until I got it replaced.

I did get a nicer phone out of it, but that was the end of the authenticator I think. Even if I installed the App carefully, it was a different phone. Days go buy, can’t get the phone to log into WP, then I updated the computer, I have no one ot blame but me.

Thirty hours later, I get a text to send a request for help in the forums.  Well…. ain’t gonna happen. I gotta be logged in to the forums to leave a question. lol  Catch-22. I must log in to ask the question why can’t I log in?

Now, an SMS verification code button becomes the key to redemption, I am so worried to click on this, to have it reset the password, (remember the 225, plus or minus), I do give it a touch and …YAY, no reset.

After three days and no hope, I have become a functioning part, once again, to join you talented people. To stand and feel like I was granted a gift to be able to speak (okay, message.. heh) to the talented artists, authors, and bloggers, pagan and non-pagan alike.

Almost makes me feel smart. 😉 I still have a ways to go.

Still, now I have to figure out how to get back to the emails. >.<

Emails from publishers, a few from pubished authors, many from WP, some from proofreaders, and a lot of rejection emails. (Have– er …had… their own file) all gone.

I know Stephen, Ron, George and James’ emails were hiding somewhere in the 300 or so emails I received in the last few days. Now they are going to miss out on the epics they asked for.

Ah well, I had to come up with a good post and I was frustrated, I hope someone smiled at this.


Ard Ri


Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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