Moved Away

Room of Teen after move

A room once echoed with laughter

bad dreams and calls for dad

Big bear the protector, always was there

Grew and learned to count

one, two, three

“Cute little girl! at your age your free!”

Sparkling blue eyes corrected the Maitre ‘D

“I am FOUR! Not free!”

Booster seat her favorite place

She found them anywhere she wentĀ 

She could sit in “Grownup” Space

Movies too! As she grew

Booster seats for you-know-who

Hair like burnished copper

(It gave her the name)Ā 

runing with boys,

she grew so tall

Sister by her side

they played t-ball

Sat in their room

Voices of princessesĀ 

Playing their part

Tea here with the prince

Nail polish

a new discovery

So fun you think?

In his chair daddy is sleeping

Let’s paint his toenails pink

a color worn with pride

The princess made sure

“Wear Sandals outside!”

Once shorter than the switch for the light

taller she grew

Seeming overnight.Ā 

Taller than the mantel

(The year before she had to hop)Ā 

still would crawl in bed,Ā 

sleeping in between mom’n’pop

One day, the little girlĀ 

no longer comes to cuddle

Too old now you see

That era now is a history

Moved to her own room

she paints on her own

Make it purple!

Ceiling fan is her own

a bed built by dad

strong as stone

Travels she goes on

With her sisterĀ 

that should amaze ya

They brought back someĀ of the little island called


Picked up an Aussie twang

Still stuck with a West Coast slang

Australian flag adorned her door


name plates

and pirate too.

But what the heck

She put a sign up

“this room’s a wreck”

Dresses found

and braces worn

the grinning child

loved to be adorned

Halloween she come admire

Lady bugs and a costume found

She wore red and black forĀ a year

Echos of her laughter

and her memories are here

this is the only home she known

now comes the fear.

Standing in her room

the door still with decor

but the room is empty

I watched her go

Stood on the walk,

until she got to the turn

then she was gone

the heart hurtĀ 

the eyes did burn

Standing in the room

empty of toys

on the wall pictures of friends

both girls and boys.

Turned a circle

the walls echoed the noise.

A spooky heart stopping soundĀ 

like the wolf in the wild

an odd soundĀ you see

The howl long and plaintiveĀ 

for the missing childĀ 

came from me.Ā 

Ā©2015 Dash McCallen

2 thoughts on “Moved Away

  1. Oh Dash. it has a lot of heart in it. I’d love to see it cleaned it. keep your head up. This new transition in your life is huge, and nerve-wrenching. I wish you the best of positive vibes.


  2. Note: This is raw and painful. It most likely will not stay posted for very long. She just moved out a few hours ago, despite direct assertations and blunt opposition. I question the wisdom of this non-poem poem. it is rough, uneven, and un…well… Just un-everything. Just un-.

    Probably will take this down and delete it in 48 hours.


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