Pain of the Parent


The princess arrived one fine day.

Sunrise colored her hair

In amazing ways

Sparkling Tahoe blue eyes

Her laughter and voice was twice her size.

Smallest in her class

But she frightened them en masse.

Eighteen winters have since gone by

She knows all

She has seen it through my eye

Little lost puppies, canis and human

she rides on missions to save them all

Short and four-legged or bipedal

and still not very tall

Pride of the Irish she would be

Mind like a straight razor

and sharp as a tack

Eighteen winters have gone past

She wishes to life with him

Her childhood is past

Listen to dad?

Hardly, you see.

She has smarts, she has listened

for a moment or three.

Explained with math

Budget required.

Mind is closed

This rhyme was not desired.


Packed up her dishes

Her clothes she did stow.

Tall father with crossed arms

Words told to the Princess

The move opposed

The move is unwise.

The worst part.

When one’s heart tells the brain

Naught but lies.

The child of sunrise

borrows dad’s car

She takes her dishes

“It’s not that far.”

She is an adult

Yes and true.

Silly rhyme again coming through

Tall like a willow,

smart as a whip

she moves to take on a life

refusing to hear

the wisdom of mom

or dad

To stand and watch her drive away

A fresh hell, nowhere to turn.

Words on deaf ears

Mind of a princess shut tighter

than a drum.

The Curse of the Parent

The eagle watches the hatchling fly

do all the eagle can do.

Say good-bye.

Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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