Frustrating day


The world conspires

Ever have one of those?  I’m sure you have.

Attempting to reblog, I have been an abysmal failure today.

Trying to write, not happening.

All I have in my heart is to edit an existing novella.

Hang in there folks, Jona will be back, Barbara and Tom? They are flying around somewhere learning about each other.

Archer? Well, his bow washed up and was on the beach for nearly an hour. Nothing more is known about that group. They might all be gone.

Keegan O’Danu and his father are building a ship.

I am unfocused.

The voices are not a chorus, they are a cacophany, each screaming for attention.  Each story, each life, all are banging furiously.  Who gets attention?

The voice of reason answers:

The quirkiest one.


Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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