Dragon Master University Chapter 1. The Morning After


Reboot. 😀

Scenes of futures past

Chapter 1. The Morning After

Oh how fun this was! Jona Samhain woke that morning after the headmaster of his school declared that the four years of higher learning was over.

The headmaster placed the scroll of vellum into his hand, Jona had passed!

Jona laughed, his late night of partying with the other new grads, coming home in the twilight before dawn and collapsed, fully dressed into his bed. It was a good night to start a great summer’s day as he stretched in a lazy sleepy way on his bed, curling up with his pillow.

A summer of fun was coming and his friends were all planning different things to enjoy the summer— All except Carrigan, she had already planned to spend the summer with the Red Witch over in the next valley. Rumors had circulated around that area of the lands of how the witch’s husband had…

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