water and earth
where you are cast
no spell nor adverse
purpose will last
not in complete
accord with me
as my word floats
by land or by sea

in these days
of want and need
anxious thoughts
plant the seed
by fire by air
give us today
fill our souls
to find our way
EARTH: north feminine winter
body stability

AIR: east masculine spring
mind imagination

FIRE: south masculine summer
passion creativity

WATER: west feminine autumn
love purification
add a little extra magick to your space with laughter

take a closer look at what inspires you where your strengths lie

reward your creativity and curiosity

become a part of the earth and see what can be used in your spellwork

indulge me as I gather flowers always with the best of intentions

dried leaves crumbled into powder

hands getting into my work
a shimmer in the…

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Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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