Universe is just a Thought !

Thought is much more than something you do.It is that 99% part of you,which Buckminster Fuller referred to as invisible & untouchable.The remaining 1% is the physical body of yours which can be seen & touched.
You relate everything & everyone on Earth through the mechanism of Thought.It is not an external world that lies ‘out there’ but the world that you choose to process in your thoughts.
Here’s a mini lesson from author Wayne Dyer on thought.Your entire past up to this moment is a thought.Your desire to improve your life is really your thought to improve your life.Your relationships to everyone in your life are nothing more than thought.Your determination to succeed is nothing more than your thought to do so.Your attitude about anything are really your thoughts on these matters.

A human being,on an average thinks about sixty to seventy thousand thoughts in a single day.So,where do…

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