Guest Author! Copper MacKenzie McCallen


(submitted with permission of the author; Copper MacKenzie McCallen. (Current Age 18, age at time of composition- 13 years old. No editing done except for names have been changed) 


This story is about a 13 year old girl but not just any girl, me. My name is Kat I’m a pirate but I was not always a pirate. I’m gonna tell you how I became one so I tell you, let me take you back a couple years. When I was three I think my dad left me, my sister, Alecto, and my mom, Megaera. Just before he left he gave me a necklace and a letter and said to me.

“Open this” as he shoved the letter into me hand “when you are nine you hear me not before, ok? I’ll be home for your sixth birthday. I’ll see you then” with that he kisses my forehead.

“Ok, Daddy I’ll open this but not before I’m nine, I’ll miss you Daddy.” I said sniffling

I jumped and gave him a huge hug, and then Mom pulled me off. I watched through my tears as he goes down to the piers. Then I spent three years thinking about when he would come home. One day before my sixth birthday I hear news around the city that his ship the Werewolf was attacked and sunk. I ran all the way home and told Mom

“Mommy, Mommy Daddy’s ship was attacked and sunk by the Seahorse but some men that were not hurt were taken aboard



Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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