Christmas Mystery- A passing moment for Santa


Santa’s twisted trip.

“On Dammit, on vomit, on flatulent and sweaty.” The stained and tired pilot of the too small, too cold sleigh yelled with a hoarse voice. “We will get home for our rest if you’re good and ready.”

Even he groaned. A sloppy rhyme, but such were difficult to come by these days since Theodore Giesel had failed to renew.

A thousand kilometers a minute they traveled. Reindeer that were so excited to start with, now dragged the heavy man in the heavier sleigh.

Even the magic of the night did not help with the exhaustion. North to south and back north. Zig-zagging back and forth across the globe while the boss moved at nearly the speed of light to put up so many needed touches of love and desires.

Mistletoe in some places were all that he needed to leave, entire trees with presents at others. Some houses– Politicians for one– got nothing but dirty underwear and socks loaded with what twigs, dirt and rocks the elves could scrape up from “Liar’s Mountain”.

Sailing over the largest body of water he could find the speed of his passing caused sensors to alert to his passing. This was not new over the last twenty seasons. They neither hindered or helped. But children seemed to like it, so he cooperated with the governments.

Many governments cleared the airways for him to do his business in each community. A few still tried to stop him from coming in.

But it was for the children, he would never fail a wish from a child– no matter how old.

Home grew closer as the team struggled against a headwind.

Before the final descent to the base under the ice, the north pole that no one could see. He turned and gave his last wish for the season.

“I say this with both sadness and glee. Be well, all you children, I wish you peace, love and most of all, Merry Christmas from me.”

*To those that follow this blog, to those that simply stop by and LIKE, Merry Christmas to you on this eve. I wish you peace from the Bradach Ard Ri (those who know about this will smile) and may your day be as wonderful as a bota-bag full of wine on a cold and snowy day. — Dash*


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