Shock And Awe Chapter 7. Mainframe


Radio Check gains access to the police mainframe from the 1990’s.

Scenes of futures past

Chapter 7. Mainframe

He crawled through the large diameter air shaft to find the data center. The mainframe computer needed a lot of very cool air, the ventilation for the large system would be extensive.

It was easier to find than on the blueprints.

Turning his back to dispatch, it was directly across from the demands of its internet access, the computer-aided dispatch and radio systems. Residing behind two-sets of locked doors, no security cameras were present inside.

Using the small fiber-optic camera, he could only see a series of rate of rise heat detectors. Nodding, he backed the fiber-optic cable out, placing a yellow flashing light on the inside of the air-return chamber. Unseen from the outside, they served only identify the correct vent for him.

Pushing on the spring-loaded vent cover, it swung down and stopped on friction-braked hinges. Carefully, he positioned the big musket across the hole, he pulled a…

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