A peek inside of “Dark Heart, Pure Soul” The making of an epic.


A peek inside “Dark Heart, Pure Soul”

Scenes of futures past

The Demon, also known a Cuinn, Kane and Gil. His original name, Orcus, is found later in life, once was the Emperor of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths and promises, he stepped down and allowed his next-in-command, Hades, to take the throne. Orcus abdicated his position and made his case to the powers to be with the one human female named Bronwyn, there he was granted to live out a normal human life. It was due to the untimely loss of her life that he turned to chaos and destruction. Ruled the underworld differently than as it currently was.

Bronwyn, once a female human. Not overly religious as a human, she was passionate and a good mother and mate, wife and best friend to Orcus. A would be queen of her time. A disaster took her and all her children at once while they strove to help others…

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